Chelsea 0-1 Nottingham Forest: What Cooper said

Nottingham Forest manager Steve Cooper to BBC Sport: "I think it's a long time coming ot be honest. To come somewhere like Stamford Bridge and get a result like we did and the way that we did it is one I think the players deserve after Old Trafford last week and parts of the Arsenal performance. Everyone knows the support we have on the road and we haven't been up it away from home since being back in the Premier League. For us to get of the mark today is really rewarding for everyone involved."

On the travelling support: "I said quite openly last season through tough times they did (keep the team together). I'll always be in debt to that. What's really good about our club and our city is we really stick together in tough times. That definitely helped us last season.

On Joe Worral: "Really proud of him. It's tragic what's happened but what I do know is he's represented himself and his family really well. Football has helped him but the way he has treated the situation and put himself second - there is a lot of respect for him. The win is for him and his family."