'Awesome' leather-cleaning kit has more than 15,700 reviews on Amazon - and it's on sale

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Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit-  Amazon, $26 (originally $43)
Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit- Amazon, $26 (originally $43)

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Now that spring is just a few weeks away, it's time to give your car a thorough cleaning — including your vehicle's interior. Aside from vacuuming seats and floor mats, cleaning windows and mirrors and removing dust and grime, you'll definitely want to give a little TLC to any leather interior - but it has to be properly maintained.

Luckily there are products like the Leather Care Kit from Chemical Guys that can help you remove grime, spills and debris that can compromise the look of leather over time.

Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit

Chemical Guys - Leather Care Kit: Cleaner and Conditioner- Amazon, $26 (originally $43)
Chemical Guys - Leather Care Kit: Cleaner and Conditioner- Amazon, $26 (originally $43)

SHOP IT: Amazon, $26 (originally $43)

What is it?

The Leather Care Kit from Chemical Guys includes a Leather Cleaner and Conditioner that gently removes any dirt or spills without harming or staining your leather interior. The Leather Cleaner penetrates the pores of the leather to lift and remove any oils and grime that can build up over time, while the conditioner helps preserve the softness of your leather and helps prevent against any aging and cracking without leaving any residue.

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This cleaning duo was manufactured with car interior in mind, but can be used for any shoes, leather furniture, handbags and more.

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What people are saying

Chemical Guys have gained a reputation for manufacturing detailing products for auto, motorcycles, ATVs and more. The Leather Care Kit has earned a 4.5 out of five star rating on Amazon based on more than 15,700 customer reviews from shoppers who call the kit a "great product" for protecting leather.

"Both of these chemicals are awesome," one shopper wrote. "The leather cleaner was a great way to get my leather clean and the conditioner made my leather look brand new again. I would definitely buy these products again once they’ve been used up. I’ve used them so far in two different cars with the same results: one was a grey leather and one was black leather and they both worked flawlessly."

Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit - Amazon, $26 (originally $43)
Chemical Guys Leather Care Kit - Amazon, $26 (originally $43)

Other shoppers have said that the product delivers results on everything from old leather jackets to couches.

"This stuff works wonders on leather. I used it on an old leather jacket with many worn out portions, this really helped restore it. I does this by basically restoring moisture to the leather. It also has this built-in new leather smell, it's so awesome and perfect," another wrote, including a product update. "Update: I'm still using this! I used it to clean and protect my leather couch and the leather seats in my vehicle. It's really nice stuff and I'm still using the original bottles I bought- they can last quite a bit."

Although a majority of the reviews are positive, there have been complaints from Amazon shoppers over the "new car" smell of the product.

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"It cleaned my white leather seats well, although they were only lightly dirty to start with. I used both the cleaner and the conditioner. There's a little smell to the cleaner but the conditioner smell was great, very 'new car leather' scent," one person wrote. "I used micro fibre cloths and didn’t feel like I needed to buff anything off after conditioning. It seemed like a gentle product. I gave 4 stars because I didn’t have any major stains to test it fully on."


If you're looking for an affordable way to care for your vehicle's leather interior without paying for a professional car detailing service - Chemical Guy's Leather Care Kit might be for you.

For a limited time only, you can save up to 40 per cent on the bundle of cleaner and conditioner on Amazon.

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