Cher fashion shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders: 'Stop dressing like a sister wife'

(Photo: AP/Getty Images)

Not only is Cher a singer, actress, and performer, she now fancies herself a fashion critic and comedienne.

On Monday, Cher shared some harsh words on Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s style on Twitter. “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a sister wife,” she wrote, alongside a photo of two women in stereotypical “plain dress”: braids and collared, high-neck dresses with long sleeves and puffy shoulders.

The White House press secretary’s style has been described as relatable and feminine, and compared to a “patient parent” and “field hockey coach” but sister wife is new.

One follower was displeased with Cher’s assessment and replied, “Would someone please tell Cher to stop dressing like a …. Da Faq ?”

@NPOB included an image of Cher in one of her wilder onstage outfits, including a stringy, sparkly leotard and a blond and pink wig.

Cher was quick to clap back with an emoji-laden rebuttal: “Could You [be] Any WEAKER[?1]” she asked.

“I’ve had ppl say nasty things about me & my clothes for 53 yrs.Some days Lead, Some Days Feathers.” She pointed out that her comment about the press secretary’s style was just a joke, and suggested the Twitter user go to Wal-Mart in hopes of buying a backbone.

The discourse continued, with Cher saying things like, “We are allowed to joke,” and her opponent accusing her of gender shaming, but the singer bowed out soon after. Which was the right move, since shaming of any sort is something to be avoided. If Huckabee Sanders wants to dress like a “sister wife,” so be it. And if she wants to dress like Cher, power to her, those cutouts and sequins are hard to pull off.

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