Chiefs fans angry that offensive pass interference wasn’t called on Jaguars receiver

Ultimately, this didn’t end up costing the Chiefs in their 17-9 victory Sunday over the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Stadium.

But it was certainly a curious moment.

The Jaguars trailed by eight when quarterback Trevor Lawrence floated a pass down the sideline for receiver Zay Jones. Chiefs safety Bryan Cook was in great position and had a better chance to catch the ball than Jones.

That occurred to Jones, who grabbed Cook from behind, ensuring there would be no interception.

That certainly looked like offensive pass interference, right? No flag was thrown and Cook was shaken up on the play.

Jacksonville’s drive ultimately stalled near the end zone, so the penalty didn’t cost the Chiefs. The Chiefs were flagged 12 times for 94 yards, while the Jaguars were penalized twice for 10 yards.

Chiefs fans were not happy that a penalty wasn’t called on Jones. Here is what they were saying.