Chiefs fans happy with victory over Miami but still share concerns about the team

Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs fans all over Kansas City let out a deep exhale at the same on Sunday.

The Chiefs beat the Dolphins 21-14 at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany as KC held off Miami’s late rally.

The Chiefs improved to 7-2 on the season, but there were plenty of things that upset fans.

  • The third-and-1 call on the Chiefs’ penultimate drive of the game

  • Chris Jones’ ill-timed penalty that helped Miami score a touchdown

  • Mecole Hardman’s punt return inside the 5-yard line

Fortunately, the Chiefs overcame all of that, thanks to the strong effort of the defense, which scored a touchdown and held the top-ranked Dolphins offense to 14 points.

Here is what Chiefs fans were saying on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and Reddit.

A fan on Reddit wrote: “Well, we won, but the offense really needs some serious introspection. They only had two meaningful drives and failed to close out the game.”

Another shared this: “The narrative looks different if Jones isn’t a bonehead, but this offense is broken.”

A fan on Facebook wrote: “Defense won that game. A win is a win, but Andy needs to RUN the ball more!!”

Another shared this: “Best game of the season, and a nice bounce back win! Let’s go!”

A fan on Facebook wrote: “Thank you defense. Offense/st needs to use the bye week to get it together.”

Another shared this: “Way to go Chiefs! Especially the Defense!”

A fan on Reddit wrote: “I’m glad that KC won, but it is getting tiring watching the offense stall out. This type of play isn’t going to cut it in the playoffs.”