China Glaze Cocktail Manicure

Emily Reid
TheKitJune 11, 2012
China Glaze Cocktail Manicure
China Glaze Cocktail Manicure

Recently China Glaze ran a contest that featured the release of the Cocktail Manicure. This is a new look that features two shades in complementary colors. The more vibrant shade is painted on your thumb, index, and middle finger of the hand you would hold a cocktail with. It’s a new play on accent nails, which typically are the ring fingers and/or thumbs. Related: Sally Hansen Smooth And Perfect Color + Care They also provided a list of “recipes” for nails that go with a certain cocktail by pairing up their polishes. You can follow the matches on their “menu” or make one up on your own. Related: It’s Nail Paint For Men, Please, Not Nail Polish I actually think this is a really cool idea and I hope to see it become a trend. There was something similar a while back; the BlackBerry Manicure. This was where you paint your thumbs a glittery shade of whatever color is on the rest of your nails. Your thumbs are what are seen when you hold a BlackBerry to text or type, hence the name. With a Cocktail Mani, the idea is that those three fingers are the ones seen when holding a cocktail glass. Related: Striped Ombré Nails Tutorial I think this is totally cute, and it gives me another excuse to wear funky accent colors, so I’m on board. I will definitely be rocking a few Cocktail Manis (and hopefully an actual cocktail too) this summer. Will you?

China Glaze Cocktail Manicure
China Glaze Cocktail Manicure

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