Chip Foose Hot Rods A Mail Truck

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That’s it, he’s finally jumped the shark!

To keep things “fresh” or “relevant” or whatever for the Chip Foose Draws a Car series, the man seems to have decided hot rodding a USPS mail truck is the way to go. That’s right, that boxy Grumman LLV which delivers and sometimes loses your mail forever is getting the high-performance makeover from the California-based artist, and boy is it wild!

See how Chip Foose tweaked the first-gen Ford Bronco here.

How Foose came up with this idea is unclear, but it might have been the Pony Express. I say that because Foose seems to think the mail should be delivered quicker, and there I was just concerned with my Amazon package not showing as “In Transit” for 3 weeks with zero answers from USPS. But no, giving them a cool-looking truck with flame-spewing headers should be a top priority.

Foose admits once he gets the line drawing done that his USPS mail truck wouldn’t actually be a mail truck. The chassis, which was borrowed from the Chevy S10, couldn’t handle the kind of power he’s dreaming of. Also, the body wouldn’t even be used, he says, so it would be a one-off fabrication like the chassis. In other words, this build in real life would be inspired by mail trucks but wouldn’t be one. Yep, he’s really got some great ideas here.

For the final result, he does keep the USPS logo and stripes down the sides, because it’s important advertising when you’re using your one-off vehicle at the drag strip. It has a nice raked stance, exposed blower, wheel bar, and huge roof-mounted wing hinting at extreme performance. Oh Foose, what have you done? And what is he going to do next time?

<span>image credit: YouTube</span>
image credit: YouTube

It was bugging me what this hotrod mail truck reminds me of, and then I remembered. In the movie Cars it could’ve fit into the group of tuners who were harassing Lightning McQueen’s semi on the highway, especially with a nice underglow kit.

Anyway, if you want to check out the sketch process you can watch the video for yourself.

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