Chloë Sevigny Is Somehow Making the Victorian Mom Dress a 2020 Trend

Tara Gonzalez
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The greatest headline I’ve read in a long while would have to be this Daily Mail one that I saw trending on Twitter: “Chloë Sevigny serves another 19th century chic look as she dons ruffles and pleats while taking newborn son Vanja for a stroll”. It’s probably 15 words too long, but it involves the terms “Chloë Sevigny,” “19th century chic,” and “newborn son” all at once, and for that reason, it deserves to be hung in the MoMA.

Chloë Sevigny is my religion. I love her and everything she’s ever done and ever worn and ever said. I guess that’s just what happens when you’re deemed the coolest girl in the world by The New Yorker in 1994 and then only continue to get cooler with age. What some people consider impossible, Sevigny does flawlessly — while wearing Simone Rocha.

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Just when I thought Sevigny couldn’t get cooler, she became a mom. That sounds like an oxymoron, but this is Sevigny we’re talking about. Her approach to post-maternity ’fits is all about comfort, just not in the traditional sense. While some people consider comfortable jeggings and sweats new-mom style, she considers roomy Victorian-style dresses, ruffled face masks, and platform combat boots new-mom style. She is single-handedly redefining an entire style genre.

Right now, the tent house prairie style of dress popularized by brands like Simone Rocha and Cecile Bahnsen is very on-trend and not yet mainstream. It’s pretty much what all fashion girls on Instagram have resorted to wearing during quarantine, and Sevigny clearly proves they work just as well from behind a stroller as they do behind a screen.

Still, she keeps it somewhat mom-ish by occasionally wearing the dresses with an unexpected pair of Salt Water sandals that look like Teva’s less-cute cousin and retail for just $40 on Nordstrom. But in classic Sevigny fashion, she balances them out with Margiela Tabi sandals the very next day.

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