Chris Boucher: My funniest stories with Raptors teammates

Chris Boucher answers questions sent in by fans and hilariously recounts the funniest stories with his Raptors teammates including Scottie Barnes, OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam.

Video Transcript

- Here's Boucher. The 3-- got it from Montreal! His name is Chris Boucher!

MIKE ROACH: All right, CB, we got some bonus coverage on the way. We're going to hit the mailbag right now. We've got some questions, all right, from some good fans out there now. First question, Alex TO asks, favorite road trip moment of the season?

CHRIS BOUCHER: We all went together to dinner in Miami at Prime 12. That was pretty nice. That was fun.


CHRIS BOUCHER: That was really fun.

MIKE ROACH: Jeff Wright asks, current or former teammate that's been the most influent?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Nicky Desilien-- I played basketball for him and when I was JUCO. He actually told me that I could play basketball and that I could be special. Dillon in college, and then everybody on this team, to be honest with you. So I had a few.

MIKE ROACH: OK, Delina asked, favorite moment of the season and least favorite moment?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Favorite moment of the season, getting to the playoffs. Worst moment of the season, Cleveland game.

MIKE ROACH: Boxing Day?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh yeah, that was--

MIKE ROACH: Yeah, I remember that one. All right, Owen Kwas, what other sport would you play professionally?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Like I could be really good at?

MIKE ROACH: Yeah, or maybe both, maybe what you'd be really good at and something you just enjoy playing.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I would like to be good at football. But obviously, I'm too tall. They'll cut my legs every time. And I'd be good at-- I'd be a good goalie. I played hockey before.

MIKE ROACH: You played hockey?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Not on ice.

MIKE ROACH: OK, street hockey.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah. But I know how to skate so I might be OK.

MIKE ROACH: I tried skating too, almost busted my head. Alan Sousse, Siakam, MVP next season?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I can see that happen.

MIKE ROACH: The IG Five, favorite pregame food?


MIKE ROACH: Post-game?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Steak and mashed potatoes.

MIKE ROACH: Mal Chow, did friends treat you differently once you became an NBA player?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Not really. I didn't have a lot of friends, so. The friends that I have, no.

MIKE ROACH: Really? What do you think that was due to? Just not interested or?

CHRIS BOUCHER: I was nobody. I was nobody. So, no, I didn't have nothing. Nobody really knew me. It wasn't my friends. It was like the tall guy that they didn't know.



MIKE ROACH: Everything Jack Ed's, favorite Canadian food?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Shepherd pie, meat pie.

MIKE ROACH: Is that Canadian?


MIKE ROACH: I don't know. Meat pie?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Meat pie. Don't put that on, man. I might get sued. Yeah, you got a cat on, man.

MIKE ROACH: How the hell is there a cat on me right now, CB? Man. Sam Miller, funniest Gary Trent Jr. story?

CHRIS BOUCHER: [SNORTS] The first time he got into Toronto, you know, I think he was wearing his Louis Vuitton outfit and stuff. And I was like, man, that boy think he's putting up in Miami. And he was like, I'm about to make it Miami in here. That's just funny. It's funny.

MIKE ROACH: Funniest Scottie Barnes story-- that's from Marshallism.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Man, first time I saw Scottie Barnes, I'm expecting like, you know, like I don't know. He looks strong and all that. So I was like, OK, this guy, he must be a little grown, whatever. This guy's a kid, man. This guy be like, hey, Chris, how you doing, man? I'm like, oh, OK. It's weird. But I didn't realize that he's 20. Don't look like he's 20.

MIKE ROACH: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: So, you know, you don't know how to approach somebody. So when you see them, hi, how you doing? Hey, Chris! Oh, OK. I got you. OK, I got you. Cool, you won that. You're cool, man.

MIKE ROACH: He just seems like a--

CHRIS BOUCHER: I love Scottie though.

MIKE ROACH: --he just seems like a fun dude overall though. He is mad young, though, too.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Man, you can't hate-- you can't not like Scottie. It's just, his personality brings a lot of positivity. That's just what it is.

MIKE ROACH: Funniest Fred VanVleet story.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh, I mean, I don't know if it's funny. But like, you know, he had a game I think he dropped like 28 or whatever. And he's taking his knee brace off. And I was like, you must be feeling like Stone Cold out there. Yeah, like you really like-- he took his knee brace off.

He just throw a 38. And you feel like, I feel like when I used to see Stone Cold WWE stuff when Stone Cold was coming in, he was like I'm on, and he was walking that little walking style.


CHRIS BOUCHER: I was like, yeah, man, that's what you be on, man. We'd be laughing about that every time, man. Because you could see like Freddy, he's always been healthy. So somehow, someway he made a way to have fun with his injury, which is, it's pretty cool, man, somebody to be able to do that.

MIKE ROACH: All right, before I get to the last question, I want a few more of these. Funniest Pascal story?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Oh, me and him started doing the pow, hello, boo, boo, boo before the game and stuff because we used to play the 3-point-- when you shoot. And like every time we make a shot, we're like, pow. And then I didn't realize that he was actually laughing at it when I was doing that.

So then we started doing it on the plane and stuff and all that. And you didn't see the video, the replay it? They did a whole like replay of the season and stuff? And he's like boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo.

MIKE ROACH: I did see that, yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, so we started that [INAUDIBLE].

MIKE ROACH: I didn't know what the hell it was about, though.

CHRIS BOUCHER: We never got it on clip. So that was the first time. And I'm like, damn, like that's actually something that we used to laugh so hard at it. And like the fact that he did that, I was like, damn, I didn't know that. You know, so that's, that went all the way to that point where like that's a moment I'll always remember. Because I didn't think that was going to go that far, to be honest with you. [INAUDIBLE].

MIKE ROACH: OK, one more, one more from me still. Funniest OG story?

CHRIS BOUCHER: There's too many of that, man, Jesus. I don't know, man. OG when he puts music in the gym, man, you should see people's faces sometimes. I like OG's music. I don't have no problem. I listen to it a lot. But the Freds and all that-- and me and him will be laughing. We'll be dancing on the side like it's lit. And then everybody's like, change that song. He'll be playing some techno sometimes and stuff like that.

MIKE ROACH: Oh, damn.

CHRIS BOUCHER: He'll be all over the place. Like, if you listen to OG, if you on the court with OG, you might either-- if you're a good music guy, like you like music just in general, you might be like, oh cool. If you listen to Future, Drake, and all that stuff, oh, you're dead. That's over. He's going to be like this [INAUDIBLE].

He will be like, yo, no, [INAUDIBLE] put in another music and look at you and wait for you to get some excitement. And it might never get there. But it gonna be lit for him. And that's just how he is.

MIKE ROACH: I feel like with that guy, you wouldn't know what to expect going out with a night like with him.

CHRIS BOUCHER: That's not true, man. I think OG, that's the one thing that you guys don't know is that OG has the same moments that we all have. It's just that on camera, it just, somewhere, somehow, he makes it awkward. I don't know how. He makes it weird. Like he just-- and he doesn't do it on purpose. That's what makes-- that's why I know OG is just being himself.

It's because you'll ask him a question. And he'll ask you the same question back. And he actually is serious about it. Like, what do you mean? Oh, you want me to write on your shirt.

What do you mean? What shirt? Do you mean that shirt? And he actually wants to answer that before he's answering your question.

Like, this is just-- but I'm used to that, man. I've been with OG for four years, man. All what you guys are learning now, I've been seeing it for years.

MIKE ROACH: OK, a couple more. Funniest Nick Nurse story?

CHRIS BOUCHER: The first time I met Nick Nurse, you know, it was kind of the same time as Kawhi. So I feel like he was nervous, right? So we both liked each other. And then it was like Kawhi, he just got there. I don't know what to say. I'm just got here. I'm a rook. So I feel like we both look at each other like, are you going to say hi first or am I going to say hi first? So I looked at him like, nah. I don't know, man. It's not my job.

And they went in the office. I guess they had a good meeting. But like that look that we both have, I feel like-- I feel like, you know, there's a good, nice girl and you both of your friends are literally like, so are you going to say hi first or whatever but you just don't know?

And it was the same feeling about somebody that was just like played great basketball and we know who you was. Like that's Kawhi. You know, you've still got to respect him. That was a funny moment to me.

MIKE ROACH: Funniest Yuta Watanabe story? He seems like an interesting dude.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Hey, he had a highlight. I think he like dunked on somebody in Brooklyn and stuff, right?

- Another turnover, 21st for Brooklyn. Watanabe pounds it down, puts Kessler Edwards on a bedroom poster.

CHRIS BOUCHER: And he was on the phone talking to his friends, right? I'm like, I don't understand what you're saying. But I know you're talking about that dunk. And he was like, no, no, I swear, I swear. And all you see on his phone is the highlights. So [LAUGHS] he's like, yo-- I'm like, yo, bro, do you really care so much about media and stuff? And he's like, nah, I don't. Guess what. Do you remember when Jalen Green went for the dunk?


CHRIS BOUCHER: And he tried to-- no, he went for the dunk and they said Jalen Green blocked it?

MIKE ROACH: Yeah, I remember that.

CHRIS BOUCHER: But he didn't block it. I think--

MIKE ROACH: No, the rim.

CHRIS BOUCHER: --just missed it, yeah.


CHRIS BOUCHER: He had to go on Twitter and tell people that. He said--

MIKE ROACH: I remember that too.

CHRIS BOUCHER: It was a good defensive play, but he didn't block it.


I said, you didn't have to do all that.

MIKE ROACH: I remember that.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Now they're going to literally bring the clip back. Some people think it's a dunk. So they're just going to tell you.


CHRIS BOUCHER: That was his first, that was his first experience of the media, I think. No, actually, he has another one. But that was his first one.

MIKE ROACH: That is hilarious. Funniest Malachi Flynn story, that dude looks serious all the time.

CHRIS BOUCHER: No, no, no, one time we-- last year in Tampa, we were like COVID happened and stuff, right? But it's not funny because like it's COVID-related. But like he made a joke out of it because he got it. So he was supposed to play. There's a moment where we all like COVID kind of.

And like he was like waiting. And he was like, oh, it's my time to play, I'm about to play. He's calling me, he's telling me, I'm about to play. Like I'm about to get minutes.

And then the next day he tested positive. He was so hurt. I saw him come back after, he came back at the same time as Pascal and Fred. So he was like, here's my chance. And he was just pissed, like here's my chance.

And it was cool because like somehow, someway I understood what he meant, but--

MIKE ROACH: Yeah, yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: --man, we be laughing about so much stuff that, those become really funny moments because you can always bring that up, and we always remember how hard we laughed about those things.

MIKE ROACH: Yeah. I think we got a couple more here. Baker Bans asks, could Montreal support an NBA franchise?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yes, absolutely, they could do it with the Canadians. They could definitely do another basketball team.


CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, we can, man, we've just got to--

MIKE ROACH: I don't know. I don't-- I guess.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Why do you say that, man? See, that's what I'm saying. Like we've got to start somewhere. If there's a lot of guys like you that says we can't, then we're not going anywhere.

MIKE ROACH: No, that's not true. I take that back. Montreal could definitely--

CHRIS BOUCHER: See, I made him change it. See that?

MIKE ROACH: --hold an NBA franchise. I am a Montrealer, for those who don't know.

CHRIS BOUCHER: And he said no, man.

MIKE ROACH: Shout out to NDG, OK? CB, I appreciate you, my brother.

CHRIS BOUCHER: No problem, man.

MIKE ROACH: "Hustle Play" with Chris Boucher and we out.

- Here's Boucher! The 3-- got it from Montreal! His name is Chris Boucher!


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