Chrissy Teigen reveals ‘worst’ celebrity encounter: ‘So embarrassed by it still I could die’

Chrissy Teigen appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Tuesday, where she revealed her ‘worst’ celebrity encounter. It occurred after a fun night at the Golden Globe Awards. Tiegen was at a reception and mistook a Golden Globe winner for a waiter.

"I was drinking a lot and I saw somebody at the entrance holding a glass of champagne, so I just went up and I took it,” Teigen said. Her husband John Legend quickly informed her that the person she took the champagne from was Michael Keaton, not a waiter.

"I'm so embarrassed by it still, I could die,” Teigen admits. “But I just took it, I drank it, and I left.”

Teigen has been very open about her struggles with alcohol addiction. Just last December she revealed she quit drinking and she has been vocal about how it has increased her quality of life since

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