Christie Brinkley has no time for internet haters who say she 'looks old'

Internet trolls beware! If you come after supermodel Christie Brinkley, she’s going to bite back.

Christie Brinkley doesn’t have time for haters.

The legendary model recently shared a sexy snap to Instagram wearing a bright yellow blazer sans pants. From head-to-toe, the 64-year-old mother of three looked incredible.

However, one keyboard warrior decided to make a jab at Brinkley’s beauty by commenting, “She looks old now but still pretty.”

Brinkley recently shared this photo to Instagram and received some surprising reactions from one critical fan. Image via Instagram.

Brinkley’s fans were quick to come to her defense.

“She looks old?? that’s crazy talk to begin with!! She looks young and stunning,” one loyal follower replied.

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“She does not look old like somebody said. If I look as half as this good at 63 I’d feel lucky,” another chimed in. 

The “still pretty” backhanded compliment was enough to illicit a reaction from the star herself.

Hey looking old is a compliment in ‘wine speak’ so thanks,” Brinkley wrote.

At 64-years-old, Brinkley looks beautiful as always.

It begs repeating, but Brinkley is 64-years-old and looks half her age. Sure, she’s had some work done and freely admits it, but the joie de vivre of Brinkley outshines any of the minor tweaks she may have had (which are her prerogative by the way).

Christie recently told People magazine that she’s all for men and women doing whatever it takes to feel confident.

When I look in the mirror, I want to feel like I look as good as I feel,” Brinkley told People. “And if you can have something done to feel more confident and better about yourself, then you feel like your face matches your spirit — and my spirit is enthusiastic and energetic. “

Christie Brinkley is just living her best life – proving that true beauty is ageless.

One thing that will always be ugly? Negativity.

Brinkley trolls, you’ve officially been warned. Proceed with caution!

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