Christina Hall Gets Emotional During HGTV Finale

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Christina Hall Designs a Nursery for Her BFFAllen Berezovsky - Getty Images

Over the years, Christina Hall has renovated almost every inch of her longtime friend Cassie’s childhood home in California. During the season five finale of Christina on the Coast, the designer renovated the last of it by converting a spare bedroom into a nursery and updating the nearby bathroom. Throughout the project, the HGTV star reflected on motherhood, sibling relationships, and friendship.

The project involved a cosmetic makeover to turn the room into a nursery for Cassie’s baby boy Jameson, who was on the way at the time. Christina transformed the room by adding a navy blue accent wall with the baby's name on it, securing new furniture, and incorporating baseball-themed decor. For the bathroom, Christina updated it to add a practical bathtub for kids and brought darker tones to make it less starkly white.

Christina enlisted her husband, Josh Hall, and her son, Brayden, who she shares with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa, to help put together the crib and add finishing touches to the nursery. While zhuzhing the space, Christina reminisced about when Brayden was a baby, recalling that he weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces. She then asked him, "As a big brother, what’s your advice for Jules [Cassie's first child] in order to be a good older sibling?"

"Yeah, I would probably tell her to just play with him a lot," he responded. "Just hang out with him."

After hearing that foolproof advice, Christina told him, "Hudson looks up to you and loves you so much." Christina is a big sibling herself, to sister Carly Haack, who is 10 years younger. Having experienced the sibling bond both as a sibling and a mom, she asked Hudson, "Isn't that nice to have someone that adores you?"

During the episode, Cassie asked Christina to be the godmother to her second child and the two spoke about how much their friendship means to them. While there won't be any more episodes of Christina on the Coast until 2024, we're sure we'll see plenty more sweet family moments and friendship milestones on Christina's Instagram in the meantime.

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