'It was gorgeous, classy and timeless': Bride honours her grandmother by wearing wedding dress from 1956

Christina Moffett wearing her grandmother's wedding gown from 1956. Image via Reddit.

A Wisconsin bride has gone viral after wearing her grandmother’s wedding gown to her nuptials.

Christina Moffett was in college when she reconnected with her former classmate Alexander at an alumni event for her high school drama program. Despite attending school out of state, the pair became “best friends” and began dating in December 2013.

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After years of dating long-distance, Moffett returned home to Wisconsin and the couple became engaged on their fifth anniversary. Soon, it was time to start planning a wedding and begin looking for the perfect wedding dress.

Left, Shirley Erksand in 1956. Right, Christina Moffett and husband Alexander in 2019. (Image via Reddit).

“I’m very nostalgic and love family heirlooms. My grandma, mother and future mother-in-law had all mentioned at one point that it would be fun to have me try on their gowns,” the newlywed said in an interview with TODAY. “I figured I’d get it all done at once, so I had a tea party with them, my future sister-in-law and two best friends to model the dresses. I was also hoping I could possibly wear one of the dresses for the wedding.”

As soon as Moffett tried on her grandmother’s dress from her 1956 wedding, she knew she had found “the one.”

Christina Moffett. Photo by Tricia LaBarre/Lake Street Photography. (Image via Facebook/LakeStreetPhoto)

“It was gorgeous, classy and timeless,” Moffett said of the vintage gown. “It just worked. I twirled around in the hoop skirt and was beaming. I knew it was the look I wanted for my wedding. It was very Grace Kelly look. I had seen photos of it on the mantle before but couldn’t really imagine it until I wore it.”

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After a few alterations, Moffett was able to wear the dress her grandmother Shirley Ekstrand, known affectionately to the family as “Mite” had worn 63 years prior. Wearing her grandmother’s dress added “deep family love” to her October 2019 wedding day, and she was pleased to honour Mite, who she calls “one of her favourite people.”

Moffett and husband Alexander. Image by Tricia LaBarre/Lake Street Photography (Image via Facebook/LakeStreetPhoto)

“I was very honoured that she asked me to be part of her wedding,” Ekstrand told TODAY. “I was so sorry that Bada (Moffett’s grandfather) wasn’t with us, but yet he’s in our hearts. I was so happy for both Christina and Alexander because they were meant for each other. And seeing her in the dress made me very happy.”

On Jan. 2, Moffett shared a sweet side by side of her and her grandmother to Reddit, and was surprised when her post quickly received more than 71,000 upvotes.

“I can’t believe how much attention this all got. [I’m] absolutely stunned,” she said. “What a crazy way to start our wedding.”

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