Christine Lampard recalls 'uncomfortable' feelings when people used to ask about pregnancy

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Christine Lampard gave birth to her first child age 39. (Getty Images)
Christine Lampard gave birth to her first child age 39. (Getty Images)

She is now a mother-of-two, but Christine Lampard has recalled her early worries about whether she would be able to have children.

In a new interview, the TV presenter, 42, admitted she dreaded people asking if she was pregnant in the years after she married the footballer Frank Lampard aged 36.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph's Stella magazine, she said: "I did wonder if I would ever be able to get pregnant. I was asked that question so many times and I just felt uncomfortable. 

"I felt if it was going to happen, it would happen, but if it didn’t, then I would just accept that. I had friends who were going through IVF and I knew how traumatic that whole journey could be. I didn’t think I had it in me to go through that."

Lampard said she had "come to terms" with not being able to have children with her husband, who she met at the Pride of Britain Awards in 2009.

However, the couple were "thrilled" to discover they were expecting in 2018, and their daughter Patricia was born when she was 39 years old.

The Northern Irish star, who is currently a stand-in host for Lorraine, also gave birth to a little boy, Freddie, in March.

In the same interview she acknowledged that she had come to motherhood late, but that she hadn't given much thought to "being the oldest one at the school gates".

The presenter, who has fronted programmes including The One Show and Daybreak, described lockdown as "awful".

However, she added that she and her family had been "lucky" at home together, and it was during this time that she found herself unexpectedly pregnant again.

Announcing the news to her fans on Instagram in January, she wrote: "A new year and a new baby on the way for the Lampards! 

"It’s been a strange and worrying time to be pregnant but we’re hoping and praying that cuddles from family and friends are not too far off. 

"Sending all my love to everyone going through pregnancy during this crazy time."

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