Christmas Gift Ideas For Secret Santa Under $25

Christmas Gift Ideas For Secret Santa Under $25

Happy holidays, readers!

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A Secret Santa gift seems like it should be an easy one to pick out. Get something inexpensive, not too personal and keep it appropriate for Christmas. But it can get difficult to find a gift that strikes the right note between appropriate for co-workers or acquaintances and still thoughtful and appreciated.

To start your Secret Santa adventure, find out the rules for the exchange and if there's a price limit, stick to it. Going all out and getting a gift well above the set limit just makes the other participants feel out of place. Next, try to suss out something about your recipient's interests with a bit of detective work. You don't want to give the office teetotaller a bottle of wine, for example.

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Try choosing a unisex gift if you're participating in a Yankee Swap or white elephant exchange, because your gift could end up in anybody's hands. And if you simply can't afford to participate, it's okay to bow out before names have been picked to avoid complicating things for the other participants.

But when done right, Secret Santa exchanges can be a lot of fun for both the giver and the receiver. These 13 gift suggestions all come in at under $25 and are appropriate both for exchanges among friends and those among people you work with.

Scratch Map Travel By Luckies Of London

For the friend who spends every work vacation in another country, this scratch map is a fun way to keep track of all their destinations. Get it here.

Multistripe Tote From Hudson’s Bay Company

This sturdy tote is at a great price and sports the classic HBC blanket-stripe colours that go with everything. If you’re in an exchange with a low price limit, this gift is great on its own. Get it here.

Contigo Travel Mug

For the coffee lover in your life. As a bonus your friend's favourite coffee shop probably gives a discount if they bring in their own mug. Get it here.

Leuchtturm Notebook

Perfect for bullet journals, jotting down schemes, recipes and more. Here's where to get it.

Marble Entertaining Coasters By Indigo

These white marble coasters look far more expensive than they actually are, and make the perfect gift for that friend who loves to throw dinner parties. Get it here.

Canada Tea Towel

A pretty tea towel instantly makes any kitchen 10% nicer. It's a scientific fact*. Get it here.

*Not actually a scientific fact.

Mini Exotic Chocolate Bar Library by Vosges

Books are amazing. Fancy chocolate is delicious. Why not combine the two? This set from Vosges has bars of both dark and milk chocolate that look like an adorable library. Get it here.

David's Tea Set

Winter time calls for more tea. This set of holiday-themed teas also makes a perfect host gift. Get it here.

Illume Coconut Milk Mango Hand Creme from Indigo

Cold winter weather can do a number of your hands, and spending all day in a dry office doesn't help either. Give your co-worker the gift of pampering. Get it here.

Fireside Vintage Glass Candle By The Lamp Stand

This candle comes in a lovely container that looks like a vintage-store find. And yes, it smells like a cozy fireplace, too. But that’s not the best part — it also sounds like that fireplace, thanks to a wick made of wood. Get it here.

A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

It’s Christmas, right? So you can’t go wrong with a festive gift, like this cloth-bound Penguin edition of Dickens’ classic tale, along with a few more of his short stories. Get it here.

Sleepy Gift Set From Lush

Everyone talks about getting better sleep. Be the Secret Santa that helps deliver a better night's slumber with this "Sleepy" set from Lush. Get it here.

Dillon's DSB Bitters

One of Canada's best independent distillers also makes bitters. Perfect if you're looking to make the upgrade from Angostura. Get it here.

For The Organized Man

For The Beat Lover

For The Morning Person

For The Disorganized Man

For The Bearded Man

For The Movie Lover

For The Artsy-Fartsy Man

For The Retro Man

For The Cold Man

For The Musician

For The Creative Man

For The Writer

For The Sports Fan

For The Cocktail Shaker

For The Dorm Boy

For The Collector

For The Newbie Cook

For The Cold Canadian

For The Commuter

For The Retired Man

For The Chocolate Obsessed

Holiday Petit Fours, $20, available at Hickory Farms

For The Coffee Lovers (AKA All Of Us)

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