Christmas Gifts For Couples That Don't Get Out Much

You already know what the answer is going to be, but you, always the diplomat, extend the invite anyway: “Hey, you two should come out tonight!”

Then comes that inevitable, eternally familiar response, the one that completes the sacred ritual: “Hey! We actually planned to spend the night in, but thanks for asking. Have fun!”

Fact is, some couples just prefer to stay inside and enjoy each other’s company. And if you can’t beat the habit, consider indulging it this time around: here are 18 Christmas gifts for couples that don’t really get out much.

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A Really, Really Cosy Blanket

It's a blanket. A really cosy one. Get it for $24.99 at Amazon.

A S'mores and Fondue Maker

This way, they can get the camping experience ... from the couch. Get it for $29.98 at Walmart.

The World's Smallest Vacuum

Because sometimes the couch gets covered in crumbs from all the lounging and snacking. Get it for $18 at Urban Outfitters.

An Electric Corkscrew

In the most utopic version of the future, nobody struggles to access their corked wine. (No more tears, no more fights.) Get it for $31.99 at Amazon

Heated Slippers

Buy two pairs if you want, or let them fight over the one. Get it for $40.28 at Etsy

An Unfussy Food Cookbook

If they're going to spend all their time at home, it's good to make sure they're eating. Get it for $29.75 at Indigo

Faux Lemon Tree In Planter

It's a great simulation of not living in the middle of a concrete jungle, if that's where the couple lives. Get it for $73.99 at

A Cooking Class

What better way to get them out of the house than a cooking class in Little Italy, Toronto? Starting from $100 at Dish Cooking Studio.

A Google Home

"OK Google, text my friends and tell them I'm staying in tonight." Get it for $69 at Best Buy.

A Home Gin-Making Kit

This way, they can cosplay as bartenders without actually having to go to the bar. Get it for $53.71 at Etsy

A ClassPass Gift Card

Another way to force them out of the house — a nice couple's workout or meditation session never hurt anyone. Get it for however generous you're feeling at ClassPass

Giant, Ridiculous Personalized Face Pillows

Two choices here: you can get them pillows with their faces (cute) or with your face (funny), so they know what they're missing out on when they send that text declining to come out. Get it for $46.82 at Firebox

A Fujifilm Smartphone Printer

The perfect way for them to document what exactly they do all weekend. Get it for $99.99 at Best Buy

A Little Photo Album

They'll need somewhere to put all those photos of them hanging out indoors. Get it for $14 at Urban Outfitters.

A Homemade Candle Making Kit

There's something romantic about the idea of making homemade candles together. Get it for $57.99 at Amazon

A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

They don't have to fight over the toaster. Get it for $44.98 at Amazon.

A Big Night In Package

Wool socks, padded sleep mask, mindfulness puzzle: all great ways to make sure they stay cosy, especially through the winter. Get it for $54.50 at Indigo.

A Cocktail Recipes Book

Eventually they'll muster up the courage (and talent) to invite you over to make you one. Get it for $28.64 at Amazon.


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