Ciara moonwalks over Cowboys logo after Russell Wilson, Seahawks eliminate Dallas


Sunday was a dark night in Dallas. Sure, it was Christmas Eve, a night of celebration. But the clock struck midnight on the Dallas Cowboys’ playoff hopes as the final seconds of an ugly 21-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks ticked away.

So now it’s time for the entire sports world to take pleasure in the Cowboys’ failures. The more people that partake, the more intense the schadenfreude is. And if it involves celebrities moonwalking over the star on the helmet design in one AT&T Stadium end zone? Even better.

Thanks to Ciara – popular musical artist, and also wife of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson – we have one of the most amazing moments of Cowboys trolling in recent memory:

The Cowboys were the biggest losers of the weekend in the NFL. Their three stars came up short when it matter. Their playoff odds went from realistic to zilch. And now they have to deal with Ciara triumphantly moonwalking in their end zone.

Oof. It was a rough day in Jerryworld.

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