City offers RV and trailer residential parking regulations refresher as winter nears

COLD LAKE - As winter slowly creeps up on the residents of Cold Lake, it becomes essential to revisit regulations governing the parking of RVs and trailers in residential areas. The City of Cold Lake recently offered a reminder to the public regarding the importance of adhering to the guidelines to help the City with maintenance during the winter months.

According to the City of Cold Lake, several rules exist within its bylaws for RV/trailer residential parking.

Megan Lessard, a bylaw officer with the City of Cold Lake, emphasizes the vital role of these regulations in maintaining the city's aesthetic appeal and ensuring the safety of its residents.

"The City is committed to upholding these rules to prevent any visual clutter and maintain a safe environment for everyone,” she says. “We urge residents to be mindful of these guidelines and take a moment to read street signs, ensuring legal parking to steer clear of any inconvenience and potential fines."

These rules, while necessary, are meant to strike a balance between personal convenience and peace, ensuring that Cold Lake remains a welcoming place to call home - even as winter sets in.

Limitations on recreational vehicles

In accordance with the City's regulations, residential lots are permitted to store no more than two recreational vehicles (RVs). It's important to note that RVs should not be used for living or sleeping while in storage. These regulations aim to balance the convenience of RV ownership with the functionality of residential neighborhoods.

Placement of RVs and trailers

For residential properties with paved or gravel surfaces, a maximum of two RVs or trailers are allowed to be parked in front of the property. This ensures that residents have space to store their recreational vehicles without causing congestion or inconvenience to their neighbours.

Sidewalk and curb considerations

When positioning RVs or trailers in front of a residential property, it's important to maintain a distance of at least 0.3 meters from the back of the sidewalk or the back of the curb if there is no sidewalk present. This regulation is designed to preserve pedestrian pathways and maintain the overall visual appeal of the neighborhood.

More information can be found on the City of Cold Lake website.

Chantel Downes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lakeland This Week