A clever fan kept switching jerseys to get souvenir baseballs from both teams

If you’re at a baseball game and you desperately want a souvenir ball, you have two options. You can buy a game used ball from the stadium store, or you can try your at the edge of the stands near the field, where other fans typically gather to try and get souvenir balls from players as they head back to the dugout.

Your chances of getting one the old fashioned way aren’t very high. Innings can end in various ways all over the field, and baseball-loving youngsters typically take priority. But what if you had a way to game the system? To make yourself more likely to get a ball not just when your favorite team is leaving the field, but when either team does?

This fan figured it out. He was at AT&T Park to watch the San Francisco Giants play the Arizona Diamondbacks, and he was caught on camera executing his brazen plan.

He switched jerseys and hats every half inning, alternating between Giants and Diamondbacks gear! Is it sneaky? Yes. Is it brilliant? Also yes. If players are more likely to toss baseballs to a fan wearing their team’s gear, he definitely increased his chances of getting one.

We don’t know if the fan ever got a baseball. ArizonaSports.com reported that he came close at one point. He was wearing Diamondbacks gear and sitting behind the Diamondbacks’ bullpen (which is in foul territory down the right field line at AT&T Park) when a ball was hit his way. He stretched to try and get it as it rolled on the ground, but it didn’t roll close enough and he ended up falling over the barricade and into the dirt. Thankfully, he had a Giants jersey he could change into.

So is he a Giants fan or a Diamondbacks fan? Thanks to his clever plan, we may never know.

This fan of the Giants or the Diamondbacks kept switching jerseys every half inning to increase his chances of getting a souvenir baseball. (Twitter/@FOXSPORTSAZ)

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