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This genius clip turns into a bag hanger you can use anywhere: 'Dirty floors no more'

If you're the sort of person who brings a bag with you wherever you go, you've most definitely experienced the plight of walking into a public bathroom stall and realizing ... there isn't a hook to hang it on! The only options are to keep wearing it (awkward) or, even worse, place it on the filthy floor (yuck). That's assuming you don't have a Clipa on hand, of course. A what? A Clipa! This nifty little gadget might look like a fancy shower curtain ring, but it actually turns into a bag hanger you can use pretty much anywhere. Lifesaver!

Sometimes the most unassuming gizmos are the most useful, and the Clipa is no exception.

$18 at Amazon

What makes the Clipa such a genius invention? For starters, it requires zero installation or tools. You literally just open the clasp, hook it onto the edge of practically any surface — restaurant tables, wall ledges, sinks, bathroom doors. All you need is 1/2-inch of space. (Check out the photos below.) From there, just place your bag handles on the open end and voila!

You can also attach it to anything it can wrap around, like car headrests or handles on buses and trains. "Dirty floors no more," wrote a (now) relieved reviewer. "I never thought I needed this until I found out it existed. Really great for travelers who go to cafes, restaurants, etc."

You might be thinking, There's no way that little metal ring will be able to hold my heavy bag. Well, as long as your tote, purse or backpack clocks in at under 33 pounds, you're good! Luckily, the Clipa itself couldn't be more lightweight — keep it stashed in your bag in case you find yourself in a sticky situation, or even wear it on your wrist as a cute bangle. (It comes in eight finishes, including shiny or matte silver, gold, copper and black). It was designed to be so sturdy, it even comes with a three-year warranty.

the clipa bag hanger used three ways
You never realize how much you need a bag hanger until your tote's resting on a surface of questionable cleanliness... (Photo: Amazon)

The Clipa has won over 9,000 Amazon customers (and counting!) — so much so, they gave it a perfect five-star rating.

No more misplaced bags

"Maybe my favorite Amazon purchase so far this year," gushed a Clipa convert. "I was constantly losing my sling bag because I’d rush from one spot to another and it would get tucked under my desk, accidentally kicked under the table, lost under a pile of random shoes and sweatshirts by the door. Or the number of times I’d awkwardly wear it while using a public restroom because there was nowhere to hang it. It’s gorgeous and simple. The material is sturdy and sleek ... wish I’d gotten one sooner!"

A sanitary solution

"I refuse to set my nice bags down on dirty restaurant or bathroom floors, so this handy little bag accessory has been a lifesaver on many occasions," shared another happy shopper. "If you care about your handbags, this is a must-have to help keep them clean and germ-free!"

Super sturdy

"It holds my ridiculously heavy purse," wrote a final fan. "It even held an overly full diaper bag at [a] restaurant the other day. I swear the material in the bag would rip before this would break. It's all around great. I should've bought it a long time ago."

This sleek gold version would also make A+ arm candy!

$18 at Amazon

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