Clippers owner Steve Ballmer weighs in on Elizabeth Warren's tax plan

Los Angeles Clippers owner and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Thursday night where he made it clear he’s one of the few billionaires not concerned with Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax. Ballmer, who is reportedly worth more than $50 billion, is more concerned with taxes being fair and the money being spent properly.

When asked about Warren, Ballmer replied, “I think there’s a great discussion to be had about who should pay how much taxes. I personally would be fine with paying more.” He went on to say, “I think the most important thing, frankly, is that people just get the numbers, look at what’s going on, and then you can almost, like, assign a quota. You should pay this much tax. You should pay that. But it’s gotta be based on what we wanna do. What do we wanna do with the money? How much? Who can pay? What other expenses can we cut? Just get it right. And then the will of the people will decide what should happen, and I’ll be okay with it.”

Ballmer became so interested in how tax dollars are spent, he decided to start a website,, to share what he’s found. Among other things, the site publishes an annual report, and everything on the site is strictly by the numbers. As Ballmer put it, “Part of the problem with words is they’re partisan, numbers don’t know how to be partisan, if you will.”

And while many billionaires stress about the prospect of a Warren presidency, Ballmer said the only thing he stresses about is winning.

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