Cocker spaniel Glen completes Scottish Munro challenge

A cocker spaniel from Stonehaven has joined an exclusive group of canines who have reached the top of every Munro in Scotland.

Six-year-old Glen and his owner George Creighton have climbed 282 Munros across the country.

The pair completed the challenge, which they started in 2018, on Saturday after scaling their final peak, Ben More on Mull.

George said having a canine companion made it a special achievement.

He said: "I am so proud of Glen. It is an achievement for me too, but to do it with my dog, it truly has been such a special experience.

"I certainly have mixed emotions. I am so glad we have managed to complete all 282 but at the same time, I'm sad it's over."

Munros are Scottish peaks of more than 3,000ft (914m).

The 70-year-old began scaling the mountains in his retirement, and was inspired by a guide to get a four-legged companion to join him on his adventures.

"It has been a great activity for us both; for me to keep me fit, and for Glen, well it is always good to have company and what is better than an energetic spaniel," he said.

Over the past five years, George and Glen have taken on some of the more precarious summits, including scaling the famed inaccessible pinnacle in Skye's Cuillin mountain range.

But for George it has brought about many smiles and laughter which he says he "wouldn't trade for the world".

He continued: "Getting Glen was the best decision I have ever made. His energy is just terrific. He certainly keeps me on my toes.

"Sometimes I take the bike with me to take some of the pressure off the legs, but Glen is off and away.

"He has eased off a bit in his older age, and knows when we are up early, he has a big day ahead of him."

When asked what lies in wait next for the duo, George joked: "Who knows, we might even take on Kilimanjaro one afternoon."