Colbert calls out a 'horrified' Hugh Laurie for not writing a thank-you note

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Hugh Laurie was in the house on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Unfortunately for the actor, he was immediately embarrassed by Stephen Colbert’s segue into Segway gifts.

It turns out that after Laurie visited The Late Show last fall, Colbert sent him a rather generous Christmas gift. Laurie received a Segway, similar to the one he had enjoyed riding around on while visiting the show.

Upon hearing Colbert mention the Segway, Laurie turned red and put his hand to his face. We soon learned he was embarrassed because he never thanked Colbert for the gift.

Laurie said, “Honestly, Stephen, I am horrified.” He tried to explain his faux pas saying, “In my mind — and I like to think in reality too — I wrote you a letter thanking you for this incredibly generous gift. I have no idea why it did not reach you.”

To help ensure that Laurie doesn’t make the mistake again, Colbert provided him with a gift of thank-you notes. Colbert was even kind enough to say, “And you don’t have to send me a thank-you note for the thank-you notes.”

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