College closer headbutts his catcher after nailing down incredible bases-loaded save

UCF closer Bryce Tucker headbutted his catcher Logan Heiser after nailing down a nail-biting save. (Twitter/@UCFKnights)

Watching closers wriggle out of tough situations is one of baseball’s great nail-biting joys. Sure, your blood pressure climbs to an unsafe level, but when that third out comes in there’s instant relief. And if it’s stressful for you, imagine how it is for the closers. Many feed off adrenaline, so when that third out comes, it’s like a celebratory explosion.

That’s even true of college closers, who get themselves into jams just like their major league counterparts. On Wednesday, University of Central Florida’s closer Bryce Tucker got himself into — and out of — quite a doozy. UCF was up 4-0 on Miami, but Tucker loaded the bases with no outs in the bottom of the ninth. And then, with the game resting entirely on his shoulders, Tucker pitched his way to a righteous save.

Three. Straight. Strikeouts. That’s pure baseball awesomeness. And in true closer form, when he walked off the mound after the third strikeout, he was shouting and pounding his chest. And then he walked up to his catcher and gave him a celebratory no-warning headbutt.

If that had been a major league closer, the catcher’s head would be permanently angled upwards. If it had been a guy like Jonathan Papelbon or Brian Wilson, the catcher’s head might have been butted clean off his body.

The catcher, whose name is Logan Heiser, was thankfully wearing a helmet when Tucker headbutted him. But Heiser was still knocked back by the force of Tucker’s headbutt, while Tucker just kept on walking like nothing happened. But after saving a game in such dramatic fashion, Tucker earned the right to a shouty, chest-bumpy, headbutt-filled celebration. But maybe a little warning next time wouldn’t hurt.

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