College student transforms kids’ play kitchen into adorable mini bar cart, and TikTok is obsessed

A college student on TikTok is inspiring millions of people to flex their creative skills after sharing the success of her recent upcycling project: Turning a used children’s play kitchen into a one-of-a-kind bar cart for herself and her fellow roomies.

The video, shared by Lauren Bennett (@lbennyy), has racked up more than 2.5 million views over the past few weeks and led countless other users to chime in and tell her just how much they’re loving her creation.

“This is your sign to buy a play kitchen and upcycle it into a bar cart for your college apartment,” the post caption reads, as Bennett is seen removing various stickers from the play kitchen and spray-painting it a cheerful hot pink.

Bennett then sets up various bottles of alcohol on the bar cart and affixes decorative touches like pink Barbie-sized cowgirl hats along the backboard — all while Dolly Parton’s iconic song “9 to 5” plays in the background.

Once she’s all finished, the camera pulls away to reveal the results, which have managed to wow a lot of viewers.

“Not me about to do this for my ADULT APARTMENT,” one person wrote after watching the transformation.

“This is one of those videos that I like before even watching bc I know it’s gonna be amazing,” added another.

That said, not everyone’s been into the look. A fair amount of commenters haven’t been shy about lending some constructive yet unsolicited feedback.

Some users have said that the bar cart itself is too low to the ground and suggested that Bennett place it on some sort of platform to raise it up for adults. Others have said these sorts of DIYs may look good at first but never really hold up in the long run.

But for the most part, people have been pretty impressed and inspired by the college student’s creation. (One person even said they were “Literally running to a garage sale” after watching Bennett’s video to try to create something similar.)

Upcycling videos have become somewhat addictive on TikTok lately — especially ones that show jaw-dropping transformations that most of us wouldn’t think to do.

Earlier this year, an artist who focuses on sustainable living drew tons of eyeballs to her page when she shared how she upcycles colorful plastic straws that wash up on local beaches. Another TikToker also went viral last year for taking The Little Mermaid-themed sheets from her childhood bedroom and turning them into several adorable dresses. And around that same time, one mom’s hack for repurposing dried-out markers into watercolor spray paint had parents thinking twice about tossing out “old” items from their arts and crafts stash.

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