How to get salon quality results when dyeing your hair at home

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Colouring your hair at home doesn't have to be scary.

There’s nothing like spending a relaxing day at the salon and leaving with a fresh look and bounce in your step. Taking care of your hair is one of the easiest ways to practice self-care, but anyone who’s had their hair professionally dyed knows how expensive it can be to keep your locks looking and feeling their best.

Dyeng your hair at home is an affordable and convenient alternative to pricey visits to a salon several times a year. Although it’s best to visit a professional for any drastic changes, like going from dark to light, colouring your hair at home is a great go-to for covering regrowth and maintaining your perfect shade.

But how do you get a professional looking dye at home?

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It starts with having the right tools for the job - and transforming your bathroom into your own personal salon.

We’ve gathered some helpful products that will help make your at-home colouring experience as easy as possible.

Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline is a useful tool to prevent dye from staining your skin.

Whether you dye your hair at home or in a salon, sometimes the end result leaves pesky stains around your hairline - especially when dyeing your hair a darker colour.

Experts recommend applying an even layer of petroleum jelly to your hairline (your forehead and around your ears) to help prevent dye from staining (mineral oil or a heavy lotion can also be used). Be sure not to get any of the jelly on your hair, since it will block the dye and will leave the end result looking uneven or patchy.

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Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

Always be sure to apply a test strip before you dye your hair to see how your hair and skin will respond.

When choosing your hair colour, be sure to reference the photos on the side of the box to get a better idea of what your finished colour will look like. According to Hair World Magazine, the colour on the model is based on virgin hair, meaning results will vary if you’ve previously coloured your hair, or have a darker shade to start with.

Another tip? If you have long or thick hair, buy two boxes to ensure even coverage.

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Sinland Microfiber Salon Towels

Always have towels handy to put around your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes.

Dyeing your hair at home can be messy - especially if you aren’t used to applying colour to your own scalp! It’s always a good idea to designate towels specifically to hair dye, since they will leave permanent stains. Wrap a towel over your shoulders to prevent any drips from getting on your clothes or neckline. Be sure to keep one nearby to quickly clean any drips from your floor or countertop.

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Noverlife Reusable Salon Latex Gloves

Reusable latex gloves come in handy when dyeing your hair at home.

Although most boxes of hair dye come with latex gloves, having another set of durable gloves that you can wash and reuse is guaranteed to come in handy.

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DEATTI Alligator Clips Pack of 6

Always remember to section off your hair to ensure for even distribution of colour.

Just like at the salon, it’s important to part, and section off your hair into four, even sections to ensure even colour application. Alligator clips are a helpful tool to have around, since they won’t slip or damage hair while you work.

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Framar Triple Threat Set Brush

Salon grade brushes can help ensure even application of dye.

Using the applicator bottle to apply colour can be tricky, and it can be difficult to gauge whether or not you’ve applied product evenly to your hair. Instead of using the applicator bottle, use a salon-grade bowl to mix your colour, and apply to your hair section by section using a brush from the root, to the end of your hair. Remember, always read the instructions before you begin!

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Roux Clean Touch Color Stain Remover

Apply Roux's Clean Touch remover to tinted skin and rinse off to remove any stains to your scalp and hairline.

After you’ve rinsed and conditioned your hair, you may notice there are some unsightly stains left around your ears and hairline. Roux Clean Touch Stain Remover is an easy way to get rid of stains. Simply apply to the tinted area with a cotton pad and rinse off!

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