'Incredibly comfy': Why everyone is obsessed with Rothy's flats (including Meghan Markle)

Yahoo Lifestyle editors review Rothy’s. (Photo: Rothy’s)

If you haven’t heard of Rothy’s before, get ready because these shoes are total game-changers. Rothy’s are the type of shoes women will stop you on the street for. Two types of scenarios may happen: a) they’re dying to know where to buy them or b) they want to acknowledge their mutual love for them. The Rothy’s story began with a key element of a woman’s wardrobe: the quintessential flat. Today, there are four key styles: the Flat ($125), the Point ($145), the Loafer ($165) and the Sneaker ($125) in a variety of bold colors and prints as well as traditional neutrals.

In 2012, two unlikely forces joined to revolutionize women’s footwear. Stephen Hawthornthwaite and Roth Martin both left their jobs in finance and design to take on the massive task of designing shoes that women want to wear and feel good in too. Without any fashion design experience, the two friends spent four years researching and developing their innovative approach to comfy footwear. In 2016, Rothy’s was finally born. The key to the duo’s success is their ability to effortlessly bridge the gap between style, comfort and sustainability.

Model wears Rothy’s Loafers in Navy Zebra and Sneakers in Bright White. (Image: Rothy’s)

Rothy’s shoes have an indistinguishable, yet versatile exterior. They are made from recycled plastic water bottles and use a 3D knit technology to get that perfect stitch. You would never know they were made from plastic by just looking at them because the shoes feel ultra comfortable on and weigh almost nothing. In fact, the flats come in at only 9.3 ounces, making them an ideal option to wear (or pack) during your morning commute, throughout the workday, while traveling and beyond. If you wear them out too much, no problem, because you can just throw them in the washing machine (yes, really!).

Rothy’s Loafers in Mocha Spot (Photo: Rothy’s)

The key to Rothy’s success in just four short years is the company’s understanding that at the core, women want stylish shoes. The “It” factor lies in Rothy’s “invisible” sustainable and comfortable design. At first glance, they look like any other pair of stylish shoes. But Rothy’s 3D knit process is seamless. It takes only approximately six minutes to complete The Point and Flat styles. The knit design allow the shoes to be flexible and malleable. The brand uses a near-perfect amount of fabric so there is no waste. Even more, the soles are made of an eco-friendly carbon-free rubber sole (which you can remove to wash too). To date, Rothy’s has already repurposed over 20 million plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

It’s no surprise then that Rothy’s has garnered a loyal following from women across the U.S. who bolster Rothy’s 1,000+ near-perfect reviews. Even Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, couldn’t resist wearing Rothy’s Point Flats during her royal tour.

Do Rothy’s shoes live up to all the hype? Yahoo Lifestyle editors put them to the test. Keep scrolling to read what happened.

Rothy’s the Point in Black Solid 

Yahoo Lifestyle Executive Editor Laura Kenney reviews Rothy’s the Point in Black Solid. (Photo: Rothy’s)

Laura Kenney, Yahoo Lifestyle Executive Editor: the Point in Black Solid

I can honestly say that Rothy’s are the most comfortable flats I’ve ever owned! I tried “the Point” style in black, after seeing Meghan Markle wearing the style, because I will wear anything that she will. Well, it was the right choice. They get me to the office blister free, and look so chic, and I can “forget” to take off during the workday and still look put together. They’re so small that you can easily tuck them into your bag — I often do and forget they are there, and find myself always carrying them as “backup shoes” in case a style I’m wearing starts giving me blisters. The shoes are flexible and breathable, yet still offer support. And people love them: I wore them to a family holiday party, and my relatives from near and far (Boston and Virginia) recognized them, said they have a pair and loved the brand too — I was surprised that the brand was so widespread. Some words of advice: If you’re ordering “the Point” style, go a half size up. I’m usually an 8 or 8.5, but required a size 9 from Rothy’s due to the pointed toe. — Laura Kenney

Rothy’s the Sneaker in Sand 

Yahoo Lifestyle Senior Beauty Editor Adrianna Barrionuevo reviews Rothy’s the Sneaker in Sand. (Photo: Rothy’s)

Adrianna Barrionuevo, Yahoo Lifestyle Senior Beauty Editor: the Sneaker in Sand

I wore these the entire time I was in Miami for the holidays and during the surprise few days of springlike weather in New York City. My favorite part about the slip-on style is that I could easily kick them off or slide them on (I loathe shoelaces) whether I was at the beach or going to walk my dog. Needless to say, I practically lived in these and despite wearing them for hours at a time, my feet felt comfy and the light fabric didn’t make my toes feel like they were cooking. I would recommend these for anyone who is looking for a versatile shoe that is comfortable yet stylish. Come spring, I’ll be stocking up on some of the brighter colors to pair with dresses and jeans. — Adrianna Barrionuevo

Rothy’s the Sneaker in Electric Lemon 

Yahoo Lifestyle Editor Lauren Tuck reviews Rothy’s the Sneaker in Electric Lemon. (Photo: Rothy’s)

Lauren Tuck, Yahoo Lifestyle Editor: the Sneaker in Electric Lemon (limited edition color) 

Because our office has a casual dress code, I spend most of my time wearing “fashion” sneakers. Because my two favorite pairs are Everlane’s Leather Street Shoe in white and Vince’s Garvey leather sneaker — I went with Rothy’s slip-on sneaker in Electric Lemon. Overall review? Big fan! Although the bright color might seem outrageous, it works with a lot of the clothing already in my wardrobe and is a welcome pop of color when I’m wearing monochrome looks. As for fit, I have very narrow feet so unfortunately these feel a little loose and I’ve slipped out of them a few times, but they make up for that in being ridiculously comfortable. They’re the type of cute shoes that you could walk for miles in and not think twice about it. Another bonus point is the fact that the shoes are very lightweight so I don’t even notice when I slip them in my bag. However, because of that, I also haven’t been able to wear them as much as I’d like because of the cold weather in New York. Looking forward to warmer temperatures! — Lauren Tuck 

Rothy’s the Flat in Black Solid 

Yahoo Lifestyle Senior Editor Beth Greenfield reviews Rothy’s the Flat in Black Solid. (Photo: Rothy’s)

Beth Greenfield, Yahoo Lifestyle Senior Editor: the Flat in Black Solid

I had to keep checking in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t gone outside in my slippers. How could these Rothy’s black flats be so classically stylish AND so incredibly comfy? But sure enough, they were, and enabling me to rock them with anything from a cute summer sundress to a pair of jeans and a sweater. My absolute favorite part about the shoes, though, is how they are sourced. I’m a vegan, including with my fashion, and finding a good pair of flats that are cute, durable and animal-free (let alone repurposed from recycled water bottles) is no easy feat. And yet Rothy’s makes it just that — not to mention easy feet! — Beth Greenfield 

Rothy’s the Sneaker in Bright White 

Yahoo Lifestyle News and Features Writer Kerry Justich reviews Rothy’s the Sneaker in Bright White. (Photo: Rothy’s)

Kerry Justich, Yahoo Lifestyle News and Features Writer: the Sneaker in Bright White

I haven’t found a pair of slip-on sneakers that I’ve loved in quite some time, so I was excited about trying a pair from Rothy’s — and they did not disappoint. I wore my bright white sneakers for both short commutes and even a long day at the mall, and they never became uncomfortable. When I first opened my Rothy’s, I was a little worried about the color since they are so stark white, but because the brand emphasizes that the shoes are machine washable, I became less concerned. They’ve proven to be pretty easy to keep clean. Now I’m excited about trying out other pairs, in different styles and patterns. — Kerry Justich 

Rothy’s the Loafer in Olive Camo

Yahoo Lifestyle Fashion Editor Julie Tong reviews Rothy’s Loafer in Olive Camo. (Photo: Rothy’s)

Julie Tong, Yahoo Lifestyle Fashion Editor: the Loafer in Olive Camo  

I’m going to be honest. I don’t usually wear any loafers except my Gucci’s. However, I decided to take a risk and bring a pair of Rothy’s Loafers in Olive Camo on vacation with me to Vietnam. (I’m someone who strictly wears black shoes.) However, I was in dire need of comfortable, lightweight and, most importantly, breathable shoes to wear in Vietnam’s hot tropical climate. And I’m so happy I did! During my trip, I took a total of three domestic flights, countless bus trips, hiked up a mountain and kayaked around Ha Long Bay, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Throughout my trip, I rotated between my Rothy’s loafers, sneakers and sandals. However, I was so impressed with how well the loafers held up. They molded around my feet, and felt super supportive and comfy the whole time. No matter if I was walking or kayaking, they adjusted to each activity with ease. Because there’s no stiff or rigid elements on the loafers (you can bend the shoes), there was no “break-in” time necessary either. I’ll admit, I got them soaked during my kayak adventure, but I didn’t mind beating them up because I knew I could just throw them in the wash when I got home. The best part of it all? As a fashion editor, the camo print is super on trend and the fact that they were ultra comfy and sustainable too? Icing on the cake. I would highly recommend you bring a pair of Rothy’s into your life. You won’t regret it. — Julie Tong

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