Conan O'Brien shakes up late night with new format, new look

Conan returned to TBS on Tuesday night, but the show looked quite different from what fans may remember. Conan O’Brien admitted last year that he wanted to shake things up a bit, saying he wanted to have fewer guests who do nothing more than hype their latest movie or TV project, and focus instead on creating moments in which viewers can see him having fun. One of the major changes was to the host’s wardrobe. Conan said goodbye to the suit, and though he still wore a tie, his overall appearance was more casual.

“I’ve got kind of a new look,” Conan said. “This is how I dress in real life. I call my look ‘Hip Biology Teacher.’ I hope you like it. Yeah, no, I’m that cool biology teacher that sells weed after class. Only I’m middle aged so I call it ‘the weed.’”

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


The most common complaint was that the show is now only half an hour.

Other changes were also hard to miss — like there’s no longer a band. Conan addressed that by saying, “The band lives on a farm in upstate New York. They’re very, very happy.” As for the new set, Andy Richter said, “It looks like a strip club in Grand Theft Auto.

Conan airs weeknights at 11 on TBS.

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