Conor McGregor puts on a show after judge threatens to arrest him

Conor McGregor didn’t take his court date very seriously, and the judge was SUPER unhappy about it. (AP Photo)

If you’re Conor McGregor and you have a court date, do you show up on time? We the public no longer have to wonder about that important, burning question. The answer is: no, not even a little bit.

McGregor was due in court in Dublin on Thursday to answer for a speeding citation he was issued back in March (he was going 98 in a 60 zone), and when it was time for the judge to hear his case, McGregor was nowhere to be found.

Well, that’s not entirely true. He wasn’t in the courthouse, but he could be found. He was posting on Instagram at the time his case was originally supposed to be heard.

Conor McGregor posing in his sweatsuit instead of appearing in court. (Instagram/@thenotoriousmma)

All of this might be the most Conor McGregor thing ever. “No time for a court date, gotta pose in my sweatsuit!”

This was the third time McGregor had failed to show to face this charge. According to the Mirror, when McGregor’s lawyer Graham Kenny said he didn’t know where his client was, Judge Miriam Walsh was NOT happy.

Judge Miriam Walsh fumed: “I’m getting nothing but fingers from Mr McGregor. If he’s making a case he has to be here.

“This is absolute disrespect to the court. I am very annoyed with Mr McGregor.”

“I’m getting nothing but fingers” is such a classy way of saying “he’s giving me the middle finger.” Judge Walsh then threatened to have McGregor arrested if he didn’t show.

Kenny got Judge Walsh to push back the hearing until later in the day, and he apparently contacted McGregor to get him to come to court. Which McGregor eventually did, but not without more Instagramming.

Yeah, I’m sure “#relaxjudge” is the best way to handle a court date.

The judge didn’t relax. (Shocker!) When McGregor finally showed up, she didn’t take too kindly to McGregor’s cavalier attitude. Here’s the exchange, from the Irish Times.

When McGregor was asked by the judge if he remembered speeding on the day in question he said “emm I can’t remember to be honest, what I did also hear is I tried my best to pay for it.”

McGregor entered a guilty plea, and when asked by the judge why he failed to pay the fixed charge notice he said “I don’t know, I didn’t pay and that’s it”

To which the judge replied “that’s not it”.

Addressing McGregor the judge said “I have to ask, how much do you earn – and don’t say €110 million in one day.”

McGregor responded to say “140”, while laughing.

There was more laughter to be had in the courtroom. After Judge Walsh issued McGregor a £350 fine (around $473), she told him that it could be paid in installments. And then McGregor burst out laughing. To be fair, he might have that much in change rolling around on the floor of his car.

McGregor didn’t seem bothered by anything that happened on Thursday. He even took a moment to strike a pose with his sharp-dressed lawyer.

Conor McGregor poses with his lawyer Graham Kenny. (Instagram/@thenotoriousmma)

It’s pretty obvious that McGregor didn’t take any of this seriously. He didn’t show up to court on this charge two other times, and then Instagrammed the day away while his hearing was supposed to happen. He was serious about covering up his face on his way out of court, though.

Just cover your face with your hoodie, Conor! I’m sure no one will know it’s you getting into the car you Instagrammed earlier in the day!

Then McGregor got into his car, and this glorious thing happened.

He *literally* sped away from the courthouse yelling “Come and get me!” out the window. Delicious, delicious irony.

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