Constance Wu Made $600 While 'Undercover' as a Stripper Before Filming Hustlers

Ale Russian

Constance Wu really went Method in preparing for Hustlers.

The Crazy Rich Asians actress revealed on The Kelly Clarkson Show Monday that as part of her prep for the role, she danced at a real strip club.

“I did work at a strip club to get ready for Hustlers. I went undercover. I gave lap dances to strangers,” Wu, 37, told host Kelly Clarkson, who didn’t initially believe her.

“I’m not lying! I made $600 my friend,” Wu added. “I am not being funny, and it was not funny. I put fake tattoos on my neck, changed my hair. You can’t duplicate the first time you walk into a club and say, ‘Hey, I’d like to have a job here,’ and then you go work that night.”

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In the film Wu plays struggling single mom Destiny, who finds herself dancing at a strip club alongside Jennifer Lopez’s Ramona and joins in scamming their rich clients.

Wu previously recounted how she prepared for the role in Vulture’s oral history in September, saying, “I went to a lot of strip clubs in San Francisco — that’s what I spent my Christmas Eve doing.”

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“I went with two of my guy friends and we went to five different clubs. It was so f—— fun. And nobody knew who I was. I’m not really that famous. Also nobody expects this sitcom mother of three boys to be in a strip club.”

“I installed a pole in my living room. I took pole classes; I took private coaching sessions,” she said. “And this was all stuff I paid for by myself before we even started the movie. I became friends with a couple of strippers.”

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The actress also revealed during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan that she hasn’t yet seen the movie.

“I still haven’t seen it. The last movie I saw of mine was Crazy Rich Asians,” Wu said.

Wu explained it was difficult to see herself onscreen, saying, “It was watching that movie, after that experience, that I stopped watching anything.”

“I didn’t watch my talk show appearances or Fresh Off the Boat or Hustlers,” she continued. “Just because I thought, you know, I want to focus on the present and not be self-critical and think too much, dwell too much on the past.”