The Coolest, Prettiest, Shiniest Hair Dryers Ever

Chanel Parks

From Sweet

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Beautiful and smart-here are the most aesthetically and technologically advanced dryers on the market.

This Dyson wonder, which officially comes out in September, is quiet and detects its own heat level, so you don't have to flip a switch every time you need to cool things down.

When you're done staring at yourself in this dryer's reflective rose gold plating, you'll notice that your hair will dry faster than ever before. The dryer is specially designed to allow heat to penetrate hair to the core while maintaining each strand's natural structure.

This bright-yellow dryer is the ray of sunshine we all need when styling hair in the morning. It's made by Dry Bar, the blowout salon dedicated to providing quick, stylish hairdos to women on the go. For the Buttercup, Dry Bar invented its own negative-ion technology (negative ions dry hair more efficiently) and included two nozzles that cater to different hair textures, lengths, and densities.

Transparency is important, especially when it comes to what goes into our beauty products and accessories. Ibiza Hair takes this philosophy to its most literal conclusion. Sure, their latest dryer works on all hair types and removes frizz, but its shell is also completely clear, so you can see this piece of technology at work.

Your phone operates via the power of touch technology-why not your dryer? Chi's dryer is made with ceramic components that help propel infrared heat to provide a gentle and moisture-locking blowout, and its touch screen allows you to control air temperature, speed, and even ion distribution with the swipe of your finger. Bonus: the dryer can rest on its base for a hands-free experience.


GHD claims that, when using the Air, you'll have "the best blow-dry of your life." That's a pretty bold statement, but as it's one of the most adaptable options on this list, we're inclined to believe it. The ergonomic design makes it compatible for both right- and left-handed people, and the cord extension allows for better mobility (for all you hair-flippers out there).

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When drying hair, you want to inflict the least amount of damage possible so your strands can stay strong and moisturized. Some brands integrate ceramic and mineral technologies to help curb breakage and hair fall-out.

Curls need all the love they can get, and DevaCurl's hand-shaped diffuser is designed to care for the most delicate of strands. The nozzle cuts down on air pressure and distributes heat more evenly, so curls don't frizz or lose their natural pattern.

This device uses volcanic rock minerals (embedded in the dryer's shell) to push water back into the follicle to keep hair hydrated-so you won't end up with fried, straw-like strands.

An eco-friendly hair dryer? You bet. This one emits less radiation, and it doesn't utilize as much electricity as a run-of-the-mill dryer.

You'll need to get on a waiting list for this dryer. Already sold out, it's one of the most talked-about new tools in the beauty game. The Supersolano is ceramic, so it evenly dries hair and prevents overheated patches.

With the power of infrared light, this dryer gently accomplishes its mission by allowing hair to dry from within, so strands aren't dehydrated from the get-go.

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Those hotel dryers just never cut it, do they? Stick these little ones in your suitcase for quick dries while you're off on your globe-trotting adventures this summer.

It's a brush, it's a dryer, it's both. Slip this skinny tool into your carry-on, and detangle and dry hair all at the same time.

Famed hairstylist Jen Atkin has said she always travels with this compact green machine that packs a lot of power despite its size.

The foldable T3 has the same qualities as its bigger siblings, including shine-boosting ions, defrizzing air flow, and a cute color to boot.