Coops Kicks and Brooklyn Entrepreneur, Elliot Cooper, Launch Sneaker Drive Fundraiser to Raise Money for The Ocean Cleanup

Coops Kicks and Brooklyn entrepreneur, Elliot Cooper, is holding an athletic shoe drive fundraiser on June 15, 2021 to raise money for The Ocean Cleanup. Coops Kicks will earn funds based on the total quantity of gently worn, used, and new sneakers collected. Got Sneakers, a social enterprise, will issue funds in compensation for the collected sneakers. Anyone can help by simply donating gently worn, used, and new sneakers. Those funds will benefit The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit engineering environmental organization based in the Netherlands, that develops technology to extract plastic pollution from the oceans and intercept it in rivers before it can reach the ocean.

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There’s an incomprehensible amount of plastic in the ocean – estimates put the known total at 5 trillion individual pieces, or around 150 million tonnes. an additional 8 million tonnes finds its way into the ocean every year.

To resolve these issues, Coops Kicks is partnering with GotSneakers in a unique fundraising program that asks communities to reach into their closets, not their pockets! The sneaker recycling program helps keep sneakers out of landfills, which has harmful effects on our environment and helps organizations raise much-needed funds.

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“We are excited about our sneaker drive fundraiser,” said Elliot Cooper of Coops Kicks. “We know that most people have extra sneakers in their closets they would like to donate rather than throw away. By doing so, we raise money for The Ocean Cleanup and help the environment. It’s a win–win for everyone!”

Coops Kicks is an Instagram sneaker and streetwear reseller business based in Brooklyn, NY. It focuses on limited edition and high-demand sneakers. It was founded by Brooklyn high-school entrepreneur, Elliot Cooper, at the age of 13. Coops Kicks has made a commitment to environmental sustainability through its partnership with Got Sneakers, a social enterprise committed to environmental sustainability and economic development through recycling and redistributing new and used footwear.