Cop issued him a trespass warning outside Florida smoke shop. Then the lunch meat flew

A disturbance between a customer and cop outside of a smoke shop in Central Florida escalated into violence earlier this month.

Bodycam video of the confrontation appears on the Port Orange Police Department’s Facebook page.

According to the arrest affidavit, an officer responded to the Puff N’ Stuff in Port Orange around noon May 9.

A store employee reported that a customer inside the store, later identified as William Busi, 69, was making her feel “uncomfortable,” said “vulgar things,” touched merchandise and tried to go behind the counter.


The clerk asked for a trespass warning to be issued, said the Port Orange police report.

When the officer made contact with the subject, who was now on a bench eating something out of a container outside the business, Busi was “cordial at first,” wrote the officer in the complaint.

Theat soon changed. After being told to leave the area, Busi took an aggressive fighting stance, began to curse and rage that he was suing the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office and had a “black belt in karate.”

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At some point, Busi is seen in the video taking a piece of lunch meat from his sandwich and hurling it, hitting the cop. The complaint said the food landed on the officer’s “left side of the chest.”

At that time, the officer moved to arrest Busi for battery on a law enforcement officer and asked him to place his hands behind his back.

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The suspect then held onto a nearby bench with one hand and resisted to make it “harder” to be handcuffed, despite repeated commands, reads the report.

“You’re acting like a f------ jerk,” Busi rages at the cop during their struggle. “You’re lucky I didn’t have my pocketknife with me.”

The officer restrained the suspect and place him under arrest. Busi was booked into the Volusia County Jail on no bond.

The department’s Facebook caption issued a warning.

“A crash course of things that won’t work out well for you in Port Orange,” says the post. “1. Disrupting businesses and threatening workers. 2. Threatening officers. 3. Imagining that you have black belts in Karate and Judo. 4. Hitting officers in the chest with lunch meat.”