Coronation Street: Ed suffers another big setback

Episode 11,121 – 11,122 | Airs Monday 27 November 2023 at 20:00 on ITV1

Ed is shocked as Grandad Sarge arrives early. When Ronnie suggests a big family meal out, insisting they'll pick up the tab, Ed secretly panics. Having taken out a payday loan, Ed scans the racing pages.

As the Baileys gather in the Bistro, Ed surreptitiously watches the racing on his phone, while Sarge makes digs about his business brain. Dee-Dee quietly explains to Joel that Sarge thinks they lost their house because of a bad business decision, not Ed's gambling.

Having lost his bet, Ed sweats. Ronnie pays for lunch, telling Ed he can give him half later.

Ed finds Tony and admits he can't pay him because he's a gambling addict and has lost all his money. As Ronnie approaches, Ed begs Tony not to say anything, will he reveal all?

Meanwhile, Joseph tells Gemma that he doesn't feel well, but Gemma is sceptical, aware that she overreacted the last time. But when Chesney is called out of work to pick him up from school, he berates Gemma for not realising he was ill.

When Chesney suggests she's not coping, Gemma takes offence. Branding herself a terrible mother, she slams out.

Elsewhere, Liam tries to pull a sickie, but Maria's having none of it. In the school corridor, Mrs Crawshaw overhears Liam quizzing Dylan about the vapes. She orders Dylan to her office whilst Mason glares at Liam.

Also today, in the café, Shona's sick of Lauren being constantly on her phone. When she later catches her at the precinct rather than her call centre job, a guilty Lauren makes out she swapped shifts, but what is she up to?

Finally, Peter finds a morose Simon propping up the bar. Peter urges him not to let one setback ruin his aspirations.

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