Coronation Street's Daniel makes sinister plan after Daisy and Ryan discovery

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street revisits Daniel Osbourne's dark side next week as he finally discovers the truth about his fiancée Daisy Midgeley's cheating.

Daniel is left devastated when he's faced with cast-iron proof that Daisy betrayed him by sleeping with Ryan Connor.

In upcoming scenes, Daisy pays a visit to Ryan's place and warns that his on-off love interest Crystal is suspicious over their secret connection.

As they talk, Ryan forgets that his camera is still running as he has been spending the afternoon filming some job interview practice.

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Reflecting on the past, Ryan admits that he still has feelings for Daisy and the sex was fantastic. The conversation is interrupted when Simon Barlow returns home and Daisy makes a quick exit.

When Ryan heads off to work, Simon is curious to spot the camera and can't resist taking a look.

Before long, Daniel receives a message from Simon containing a video link. Daniel watches the video of Ryan and Daisy talking and is upset to have his suspicions confirmed, realising that they slept together earlier in the year.

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The next day, Daniel confides in Simon about how he's feeling over the discovery.

Daniel explains that he knows Daisy loves him and that she ultimately chose him over Ryan. Seeing no point in rocking the boat, Daniel is prepared to move on and forget about it.

The teacher is also taking comfort from the possibility that Ryan may soon be moving to Glasgow for a new job. However, he's rattled when Ryan announces at the Bistro that he won't be going after all.

Leaving the Bistro, Daniel heads for the Street Cars flat and uses Simon's keys to let himself in.

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As Daniel heads for Ryan's bedroom, what does he have planned?

Coronation Street's producer Iain MacLeod recently teased: "What we do know about Daniel is that, when pushed into an emotional corner, there's a switch that goes and he's capable of doing some fairly underhand and fairly classically dark things.

"We'll see flashes of that as the story unfolds and some excellent soapy manipulations on his part to try and distance Ryan from Daisy.

"But in the end, it all comes crashing down. There are some fantastic scenes concerning the end of that relationship, and some big dilemmas for Daisy in terms of: 'If not Daniel, then is Ryan the right choice? If I were to choose him, would that be purely because he's now the default setting, or is that really what I want?'

"Obviously Ryan in the middle of that is quite a vulnerable guy at this time, and he stands to get his heart trampled on if he's not careful."

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