Coronation Street's Roy Cropper to make a big decision after sad death

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Roy Cropper will make a big decision on Coronation Street following the sad death of Evelyn's dog, Cerberus.

In scenes that air next week, Evelyn's trusty greyhound will be put down by the vet, and she subsequently blames Roy after an Eccles cake from his cafe appeared to cause Cerberus's health problems.

He admitted that he had dropped the cake after being distracted by his new phone, leaving Evelyn fuming at his negligence.

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Knowing that his obsession with the technology was a factor in Cerberus's death, Roy informs Nina that he's going to make a conscious effort to reduce his screen time in order to be more aware of his surroundings.

Though he makes the pledge, can he resist the urge in the near future?

Speaking about the storyline, producer Iain MacLeod revealed that he was initially worried that actor David Neilson wouldn't be onboard with the arc.

"It's a classic Corrie story about Roy and mobile phone addictions," he began. "I heard rumours when I got here at Corrie that David Neilson's one red line was that Roy would never have a mobile phone. When we storylined it, I was hiding in case he was going to go mad.

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"In the end he didn't and he really appreciates the comedy behind it. Obviously to some degree, by the end of the story, normal service is resumed. Roy's not going to be posting TikTok videos or anything like that. There's a fun journey to go on about the generational difference between him and Nina," he continued.

Evelyn actress Dame Maureen Lipman also spoke about the emotional developments, revealing that she grew close to the dog who played Cerberus: "Boss is his name and he's a lovely dog, seriously sweet natured and an incredibly beautiful hound. Gorgeous. It was as if he had an inkling that he was being written out! He was a bit subdued for a couple of days. He was valiant and that made it even sadder."

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