Corrie star Ryan Prescott explains Ryan Connor's exit dilemma

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott has opened up on his character Ryan Connor's upcoming dilemma, as he debates whether to leave Weatherfield behind for a new life in Glasgow.

In scenes airing next week, his recent secret passion with Daisy Midgeley is fully exposed, leading to a fight in the street between Daisy's fiancé, Daniel Osbourne and Ryan.

Following all of the drama, Ryan receives an offer from Crystal, to move to Glasgow with her and take on a new job. But actor Ryan has told Inside Soap that his character's heart may not be fully with Crystal just yet.

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"He's trying to make the best of a bad situation," he explained. "When Crystal comes back, he's already been denied any kind of future with Daisy; she's turned around and said, 'Look, me and Daniel have something real, so this thing between us has to stop'.

"Then when Crystal comes back on the scene, Ryan's thanking his lucky stars that someone's showing an interest. That's what Ryan's always wanted, to have someone in his life. So even though he does have a real connection with Daisy, he starts to accept and understand that it's never going to happen for them."

When Crystal presents Ryan with the ultimatum that he has a few days to decide whether he wants to move to Scotland with her or not, Ryan is torn. And the actor who plays him admitted that the big move isn't necessarily what his character really desires.

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"It's not what he wants, and it's not what he'd choose. But it's the next best thing," he said. "The opportunity in Glasgow with Crystal is an exciting one. And after he has the fight with Daniel in the street, considering the fact that he's also living with Peter – who's Daniel's brother – there's awkwardness there.

"Losing the job at the gym (after meddling from Daniel) is the straw that breaks the camel's back, and he just thinks it's time for him to leave. He's an opportunist, so he jumps at this chance."

The actor added that Ryan is now putting his feelings for Daisy "on the backburner" after her rejection, saying: "It's very much damage control when someone rejects you; he's trying to save himself the embarrassment.

"And the more time he invests in Crystal, the less he's thinking about Daisy."

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The actor also spoke about the fan support he's noticed for Ryan and Daisy, revealing that he has seen some viewers "rooting" for them to become a couple.

"They have similar personalities, they both started off a bit wayward, and they've grown," he said. "They're trying to do the right thing, yet there's still that allure, enticing them not to! It's nice that people are getting behind that, but who knows which way the story will go next."

He also teased that it may not be the end of the road for the pair just yet, adding: "Working with Charlie (Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy) is great, and we have really good on-screen chemistry. There's always room for more to happen between Ryan and Daisy..."

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