Corvette Bathed in Gas Set on Fire During L.A. Street Takeover

corvette on fire
Corvette Set on Fire During L.A. Street Takeover@shotbycompton / Instagram

Video is circulating online of a Corvette being torched and destroyed in the center of a Los Angeles intersection. The disturbing scene was captured in a series of Instagram posts.

The videos were uploaded a couple of days ago by @shotbycompton. However, details surrounding how the Corvette got there, and why it was set on fire remain scarce. The clips appear to show a car takeover in the middle of a Compton intersection. Some of the comments made in response to the videos allege the car was stolen. Police did not respond to Road & Track's request for additional information.

Stolen or not, this is a horrible way to write off a Corvette Stingray, or any car for that matter. In one video clip, we can clearly see someone pouring fluid from a gasoline jerrycan directly onto the already-burning Corvette. While this is happening, a throng of onlookers encourage the activity and toss trash into the open car. Not happy with simply burning the car to the ground, several in the crowd also kicked the body panels and jumped up and down on the hood.

During one of the video clips, the sound of police sirens can be heard in the distance, presumably heading to the scene where this was taking place. It's unclear if any arrests were made.

Whether the folks who took part in this are captured or not, hopefully, this kind of destructive behavior doesn't get repeated.

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