The Costco Belgian Beer Pack Perfect For Holiday Get Togethers

Costco Belgian beer sampler pack
Costco Belgian beer sampler pack - u/UWtoUW / Reddit

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about what drinks to serve your guests. If you're a Costco member and have a strong love of Belgian beer, the store has an amazing deal for you. As shared on Reddit, the warehouse retail giant is currently selling a variety pack featuring 20 bottles of Duvel and Chouffe beer for just $49.99. The poster found the amazing deal in Madison, Wisconsin, and it's worth noting that not all Costco locations sell alcohol, as some states don't permit alcohol sales in grocery stores.

For those lucky enough to procure the Belgian sampler pack where they live, they'll be treated to five distinct brews: Duvel, Duvel 6.66%, La Chouffe, N'Ice Chouffe, and Cherry Chouffe. There are four bottles of each selection within the sampler pack, which means there will be more than enough tasty Belgian brews to go around. As explained by the poster who originally shared the great deal, "10% beers at Thanksgiving is a great way to learn what your family members really think of each other."

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What To Expect From This Awesome Sampler Pack

Duvel Belgian beer in a glass
Duvel Belgian beer in a glass - Marcel Bakker/Shutterstock

Original Duvel is a pale ale with tasty notes of fruit and a pleasantly bitter finish. With an 8.5% alcohol content, Duvel is the perfect way to unwind after a family dinner or while watching the big game. If you're looking for something slightly less potent, Duvel 6.66% is a deliciously hoppy blonde ale with an undercurrent of orange zest to ensure a drinkable and refreshing experience.

With an 8% alcohol content, La Chouffe is another blonde ale featuring delicate citrus flavors, as well as just the right amount of spice. Fans of dark beers are sure to love N'Ice Chouffe, which is a 10% winter brew featuring curaçao, an orange-flavored liqueur, as well as thyme for a bit of warmth. As a fruit-forward beer, Cherry Chouffe is bursting with the tart flavor of cherries, along with hints of strawberries and spices. With a 10% alcohol content, this brew is as powerful as it is flavorful.

Tips On Saving Your Sampler Pack For The Holidays

toasting beers at Thanksgiving dinner
toasting beers at Thanksgiving dinner - wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock

There's no telling when Costco might sell out of its Belgian variety pack, so your best bet is to pick it up now and store it until the holidays roll around. In this case, there are a few steps you can take to preserve the brews until it's time to celebrate. While it might seem like the freezer is the best place for beer, it's absolutely not. Keep in mind that freezing beer can cause it to explode, which will be a massive waste of $49.99. The ideal temperature range for beer storage is between 40-70 degrees Fahrenheit, as this range won't adversely affect quality.

Along with temperature, consider how much light exposure the storage area usually receives. Beer can develop an unpleasant taste when exposed to sunlight for long periods, so look for an area of your home that's relatively dark. Also, it's best to keep bottles upright in storage, which ensures that the naturally occurring sediment remains at the bottom of the bottle, where it won't negatively impact flavor. Now that you know how to store Costco's amazing beer selection, all you'll need to worry about is getting tempted to sample a brew before the holidays arrive.

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