FYI: Costco Will Be Closed on Thanksgiving This Year

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You can literally run to Costco for anything: electronics, furniture, jewelry — the list is endless. But where Costco really shines is when it comes to all the grocery selects you can pick up in a pinch. And you might not be rushing around on a normal Thursday morning, but come Turkey Day, you're likely scrambling to make sure you have enough pumpkin for your pies and enough bread cubes for your stuffing. However, before you head out to the megastore on November 25, here's everything you need to know about Costco's Thanksgiving Day hours.

So, is Costco open on Thanksgiving Day 2021?

Costco will be closed on Thanksgiving Day. So if you want to shop for your Thanksgiving turkey recipes or Thanksgiving side dishes, you'll have to swing by your nearest store during the days leading up to Turkey Day. All locations will be closed on Thanksgiving, but click here to find out the normal operating hours for the rest of the week.

What stores are open on Thanksgiving?

Just because Costco is closed on Thanksgiving doesn't mean you're totally out of luck. Some major chains like Sam's Club and Trader Joe's keep their doors closed, but there are a few grocery stores that will be open on November 25:

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