Cottage Cheese Is The Secret Ingredient For Heartier Ranch Dip

ranch with fries
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Cottage cheese is truly having its moment in the sun. Once thought of as an old-fashioned, chunky diet food, this high-protein snack is now being used to make everything from edible cookie dough to pasta sauce. And yet, some of the most delicious ways to use this dairy product don't have to be quite so out of pocket. If you're looking to bulk up your ranch dip to make it a heartier spread, look no further than cottage cheese.

A typical recipe for ranch dressing uses mayo, sour cream, buttermilk, and an array of seasonings that can include dill, chives, and garlic powder. When making the cottage cheese version, you'll want to swap out all the dairy products in the original formula and replace them with the secret ingredient. Then you'll add in your seasonings, blend everything until the lumps are gone, and dig in. You'll still get a smooth dip, but the cottage cheese makes for a thicker, creamier, protein-packed ranch. If you really want your dip to have some body to it, however, stir everything together instead of blending it up — you'll get a few bumps from the main ingredient, but it will also have more texture than a classic ranch would.

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How To Customize Your Cottage Cheese Ranch Dip

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Just as with making regular ranch, you can add in your own seasonings for this cottage cheese version, which allows you to customize them to your particular taste buds, or you can use a packet, like one from Hidden Valley Ranch, to make things easier. Although cottage cheese is the star of the show here, you can still add in other dairy products if you like the taste and consistency better with them. For instance, a little buttermilk can thin out a too-thick dip, and some added sour cream or plain Greek yogurt can provide extra tang. If you're concerned about consistency, keep in mind that a cottage cheese with a higher fat percentage will give you a thicker dressing than a low-fat or fat-free version.

You can also add in some extra ingredients for flavor. Try a splash of lemon or pickle juice, white vinegar, or even a little lavender to give your ranch new life. Then once your concoction is complete, it's a good idea to let it chill in the fridge for at least half an hour, although keep in mind that it will get thicker the longer it cools. When you're ready, grab your favorite chips or veggies and dig into your hearty dip.

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