This could be the next-gen Z car logo

Zac Palmer

Earlier this year, we were able to divulge some details about the next-gen Nissan Z car for you. The big takeaway from a design standpoint was that this vehicle would be going back to its roots. Heritage-inspired design (think 240Z all the way up to the 300ZX) is said to be on full display, and this tidbit of news today suggests Nissan is still on that path.

Motor Trend happened across a Canadian trademark filing from Nissan for a “Z” logo, and it’s one we haven’t seen before. There’s a decent chance this logo is the one Nissan intends to use on the next-gen Z car. After all, Nissan has nothing else it could slap that historic logo onto. The filing itself was made on March 12 this year. It’s classified with a paragraph of applications, but “sports car” is one of them.

We went back to look at previous Z car logos to find the family resemblance. Here’s a compilation of them for you.

The new Z looks most like that of the original 240Z. Nissan kept the dash through the Z for the 280ZX, but it lost the curves that this new Z logo appears to bring back. Over the years, Nissan lost the curves and flourishes, leaving us with the hard-cut straight lines of today’s Z logo.

If Nissan wants to bring on the nostalgia for old Z cars with this new one, a logo like the one we see here is a solid way to symbolize that intention. As for the powertrain and chassis, all of that will be contemporary Nissan technology. We’ve heard that a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 (related to the Q50/Q60 Red Sport) will find its way under the hood. A manual transmission is reportedly still on the table, and a totally new, modern interior design will finally bring the cabin up to date.

We still don’t have any hard information on a launch date, but it’s rumored to be a year and a half to two years out still.

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