Coulter won’t back down, sit down or pipe down on Delta seat mishap

Conservative political commentator Ann Coulter is demanding answers after receiving sassy tweets from Delta Airlines in response to her complaints about having her seat reassigned on a flight from New York LaGuardia to West Palm Beach, Fla., Saturday.

“They’ve been unbelievably arrogant,” Coulter said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

“They say it was inadvertently given away, inadvertent,” Coulter said. “No, you have to go into the computer and change the ticket and print out two new ones. That’s not inadvertent.”

Ann Coulter (Yahoo News photo illustration; photos: J. Scott Applewhite/AP, Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

According to Coulter, a Delta gate agent “snatched” away the boarding pass that listed her preselected seat and assigned her a different one in the same row due to an “emergency.” Coulter says she took the seat she originally booked and was asked to move to her new seat by a flight attendant.

The situation devolved into a Twitter feud between Coulter and the airline on Monday when Coulter took to Twitter to voice her frustrations.

Delta quickly responded, offering her a refund and a scolding.

Coulter views the airline’s response as inappropriate, saying that the change cost her her comfort and time, in addition to $30.

“They are lying so much about this, and that was one of the snarky tweets they sent out,” Coulter said.

“Apparently Delta isn’t familiar with its own aircraft. As a frequent flyer, I am and on the right side of the aisle 15, you have a lot more legroom,” said the 6-foot-tall Coulter. “It’s a good seat. There’s a reason I went on at Delta’s invitation and picked this particular seat.”

Delta airlines did not immediately respond to Yahoo News’ request for comment.

Late night TV hosts and thousands of Twitter users took the airline’s side in the dispute however, many criticizing her for complaining about the loss of her seat after writing a book criticizing liberals for acting like “victims.”

“Wow. People, this is the civil rights struggle of our generation,” Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” joked on Monday. “How long will white women be asked to move to the back of, well not the back, but just slightly over, two seats. Ann Coulter is basically airplane Rosa Parks. I can’t wait for the inspirational film about her story.”

Coulter, however, is not backing down.

“They may think this is very witty to be firing back at me on Twitter after behaving rudely,” she said. “Again, no explanation, no apology, just here, you have to move for this other person. What is the reason for that? I mean they’ve had four days to investigate. Why did they do this?”

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