Couple outraged by 'racist' note on Domino's pizza box

(Photos: Facebook/Amber Nasim)

A Texas woman is livid after picking up a Domino’s pizza that had a ‘racist’ note attached to the box.

Amber Nasim requested clean slicing on two pizzas so that the pork product from one pizza wouldn’t touch the other.

She made the specific request because her husband, Wajahat, has a religious dietary requirement.

Upon pick-up, Nasim was shocked to discover that staff had labeled her box with customer instructions: “lady with the Muslim husband,” instead of using her name.

Nasim took to Facebook to vent frustration over the arbitrary note.

“I went to buy a pizza tonight at San Leon Domino’s and they handed me a pizza with this written on it rather than my name,” she wrote.

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(Image voa Facebook/Amber Nasim)
(Photo: Facebook)

“Don’t let this go unseen, this kind of hate and racism has to stop,” she exclaimed.

A spokesperson for the pizza company issued a statement to KHOU admitting the service was unacceptable.

“She did not receive the service or respect she should expect from our brand,” the spokesperson said.

“As a walk-in customer, we should have asked for her name and number to identify her order, which did not happen on this particular busy night.

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“A special request she made on behalf of her husband for a clean cut on the pizza, due to religious considerations – which is something we accommodate regularly without issue – should not have been used to identify her or her order.

“The team member involved has been reprimanded and feels badly about this incident.”

Nasim said while she is willing to forgive, she won’t be making a return trip to the pizza company.

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