Couple who work as waitresses show how much they make in tips during on normal Saturday: ‘Dream life’

A pair of waitresses are going viral after chronicling a regular Saturday on the job.

TikToker @erikavfr123 works at Twin Peaks, a restaurant and bar chain, with her girlfriend. In a recent video, which now has almost 2 million views, the 20-year-old showed what both of them make in tips during a “normal” weekend shift.

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The post is part of a larger trend on the app. In recent weeks, countless service industry workers have taken to the app to report their earnings — often to the surprise of some viewers.

In one video, a bottle service waitress in Arizona showed how she often handles checks with tips in the thousands. In another, a Hooters waitress showed all the tips she made during a regular shift.

The post from @erikavfr123 drew similar reactions, with some saying the TikToker and her girlfriend were living the “dream life.”

The couple starts their shift at 4:30 p.m. and works until almost 2 a.m. Throughout the course of the night, they frequently check in to share their earnings up to that point.

As the video highlights, tips in the service industry vary widely. By the end of the night, @erikavfr123 had made $275 in tips. Meanwhile, her girlfriend made $423.

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The difference, @erikavfr123 explains, can come down to just a few tables. She apparently had one group “walk out” on their bill, as well as another set of parties who accidentally paid for the wrong table.

“She had a lot of mishaps today,” @erikavfr123’s girlfriend says.

However, TikTok users were mostly impressed by both women’s earnings. Many seemed jealous that the couple worked together — and seemingly made good money doing so.

“I want what y’all have,” one user wrote.

“I love this!!!!” another added.

“Y’all win at life. Literally my dream I hope I can find this one day,” another added.

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