Courteney Cox explains why she never reads her comments

Courteney Cox has revealed why she avoids the comments section as part of her self-care routine.

In conversation with Glamour on everything beauty and skincare, the sitcom alum detailed her dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care of herself. While slugging and cold plunging are her rituals for the body, actively avoiding commentary about her helps to ease her mind. According to the actress, reading any review or remark left on articles about her is an automatic “don’t”.

“You make the mistake of reading the comments on any article more than twice, then you never do it again. It’s like: ‘Oh, shoot. People are mean,’” she told the outlet.

That said, other aspects of social media rub the 59-year-old Friends star the wrong way as well – like beauty filters. In her opinion, they do more to make you look like an entirely different person rather than enhance your features.

“Those selfies that I’m like: ‘Why are you doing that? Everyone knows that’s not what you look like, that’s so stupid,’” she confessed.

As someone who’s gotten work done, Cox noted the danger of these filters in making people think they need to change or alter a feature to be bolder or bigger. She added: “A lot of times, people don’t realise things catch up with you and you don’t know that it’s gone too far.”

On her favourtie skincare practice right now, the Scream star expressed a fondness for slugging, or what some refer to as “skin flooding”. She is also a fan of layering products on top of one another, hydrating her face to the max.

“I just believe in hydration in every sense, so I cleanse twice. I do a cleanse, then I do the microfoliant, then I use serum,” Cox remarked. “I love vitamin C, so I use the Biolumin vitamin C serum, and then I use the stabilising repair cream. I love layering. I’ll use the hydrating oil. I’ll do layers to lock in moisture for sure.”

And just as she’s imposed a ban on herself from looking over comments, Cox stands firm in her “beauty rules,” which include washing her face and using sunscreen. The on-screen regular admitted she wished she had used SPF more as a kid, noting how she tells her daughter to use it.

“I say: ‘Coco, please look at my chest. Do you want to look like that?’ ‘Oh mom, I won’t.’ ‘Okay, we’ll see.’ So yeah, kids don’t get it,” she said. “But sunscreen is the most important thing and that’s the beauty rule for sure. And moisturise, always moisturise, clean your face, moisturiser, and sunscreen.”

Aside from establishing an effective skincare routine, Cox believes getting a good night’s sleep is a key beauty practice. In fact, her confidence is at its peak when she’s gotten enough rest the night before.

She revealed: “I feel most beautiful when I’ve gotten a great night’s sleep.”

“Pretty much when I feel good inside - when I’ve slept well, I’m eating well, and I’m washed and moisturised - but I would say sleep changes everything for me,” Cox added.