COVID-19 Emergency Alert: Ontario residents react with confusion, appreciation

Emergency Alert sent by Ontario government on mandatory travel advisory for Canadians returning abroad.

Friday afternoon, the Ontario government jolted its citizens with an ear-piercing emergency alert to their mobile phones, warning that travellers returning to the province are required by law to self-isolate for 14 days. The alert also advised all Ontarians to self-isolate. 

Despite this sound advice, reactions were mixed and shared widely across social media.

On Twitter, lots of folks thought it was a great use of the “Amber Alert” system. (Except it wasn’t. It was an emergency alert, which a lot of people quickly pointed out with surprising passion)

Meanwhile other Ontarians questioned why it wasn’t used earlier on in the Coronavirus outbreak to help nip the virus in the bud:

Some thoughtfully, decided to post pictures of the alert itself on their Instagram accounts, in case others missed the provincial government’s warning the first time around.

Emergency alert screenshot from Instagram on Friday March 26, 2020.

Still, others seem to think they’re the only ones who got the emergency alert, and are now benevolently sharing the news with the rest of humanity.

And, finally, this individual wants everyone to know that the alert totally ruined his beauty sleep.

Do you think the emergency alert was effective? Should it have been used earlier? Vote and leave a comment below.