Cowboys’ Sam Williams stopped for speeding, blamed GPS before arrest on drug, gun charges

A Frisco police report on the arrest of Dallas Cowboys player Sam Williams is shedding more light on the allegations of drug and weapon charges.

The report, obtained by the Star-Telegram on Thursday, says the second-year defensive end was pulled over Sunday for speeding 71 mph in a 45-mph zone.

Williams told Officer Christian Camacho that he was speeding because he “was following a GPS that told him to make a U-turn which made him want to pass the car in front of him,” the report says.

Williams did not have a front license plate or a visible registration sticker on his Dodge Charger. He also told police his front license plate was in the back seat and he had not yet put it back on after getting his car detailed.

When Williams reached in the back seat for the plate, he stopped and informed the officer that a gun was in the car, police said. The officer told him to leave the gun back there.

The officer found a vape cartridge with THC, marijuana, rolling papers and a Glock handgun with 14 9mm rounds.

Williams was charged with possession of a controlled substance of less than 1 gram, and unlawful carrying of a weapon because he had the gun while in possession of the drugs.

The marijuana showed a weight of 0.1270 ounces, the report says.

Williams told the officer that he smoked in his car because he was not allowed to smoke in his residence. The report said his arrest was without incident.

Despite two glaring missteps with local police in as many years with the team, Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy and owner Jerry Jones say that the 2022 second-round draft pick is making progress.

Jones said the latest incident would not affect Williams being on the field with the Cowboys in 2023 and joked he had slowed down.

Last December, Williams got a ticket for misdemeanor reckless driving for driving 98 mph in a 55-mph zone, leading to an accident.

There were red flags regarding Williams before the draft over some legal issues. The Cowboys did their homework and took him anyway.

McCarthy said he feels even better about the direction Williams is going now. He said he just needs to slow down.

“I had a chance to visit with Sam right away. He knows what he needs to do. We can all be better,” McCarthy said. “I think anytime you make mistake, it’s a good wake-up call. Absolutely. But I believe in Sam Williams. I did when we drafted him and even more so now. I’m seeing him grow in so many different ways. He needs to slow down. He knows that. So that’s the first step.”

McCarthy refused to comment on the gun and drug allegations. He called the entire ordeal a learning experience.

“We sat down and talked about it the first thing Monday morning. So I’m comfortable with the direction that he’s going in,” McCarthy said. “And he needs to learn from this.”