Craving Cheesecake? Make a Healthier Version Using Avocados

From Dr. Oz The Good Life

Your midnight cheesecake cravings don't have to cost you 500 calories calories a pop. The next time you find yourself dreaming of the melt-in-your-mouth dessert, make sure you have a couple avocados on hand.

Not only is avocado cheesecake a gorgeous shade of green, but it's full of vitamins and healthy fats. And if you're worried subbing in the fruit (yes, fruit) will ruin the taste, that's definitely not the case.

Heather Pace, who runs the vegan dessert blog Sweetly Raw, came up with a mix that's sure to impress. To whip up her Avocado Lime Cheesecake, all you'll need to do is combine two avocados with coconut nectar, agave, lime juice, vanilla, stevia, coconut oil, and coconut butter. After refrigerating until firm, it'll be ready to devour. Easy as pie.

Photo credit: Giphy
Photo credit: Giphy