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The worst jeans of 2017

ASOS is selling these “high waisted straight leg jeans with open back” that feature cutouts just above your butt, giving you the illusion of a permanent plumber’s crack. (Photo: ASOS)

This ridiculously long-sleeved denim jacket will cost you $725

Y/Project’s oversized denim jacket features the longest sleeves known to man — and according to the brand, the jacket’s “exaggerated silhouettes” are favoured by style influencers like Gigi Hadid and Chloe Sevigny. If you’re not a fan of the long sleeves you can always wear yours with the arms pushed up and let the cuffs of a white shirt peak through. Still, it’ll set you back CAD $725.

A good pair of jeans are timeless and fits you like a glove. These are definitely… not that.

Forget cool, or trendy or even edgy, these jeans are fully in the “WTF” territory. From ASOS’s butt cutout jeans to Nordstrom’s $425 faux mud denim, click through the gallery above to see the craziest denim trends from 2017.

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